Friday, September 18, 2009

Does Tonight's Candidate Meet & Greet Jeopardize the Parish's FEDERAL Tax-Exemption Status?

From Zuma's INBOX:

"Dear Zuma Dogg:

I just read your posting about the "Meet and Greet" scheduled for 7:00 p.m. tomorrow at St. Jane Frances de Chantal Parish.

I hope that you have time to attend and speak for 5 minutes.

Because according to my latest polling - you are in the m*th*f**k*n' Top 3 running for CD2!

Maybe you could say something about (free speech and democracy).

Is this "Meet and Greet" is for all CD2 candidates on the ballot? I am sure it is.

It is being held on church property. Right?

And the Parish wouldn't allow anyone to utilize their facility for the purposes of advancing one candidate and disadvantaging another in a campaign for public office. Right?

Because that would jeopardize the Parish's Federal Tax-Exempt Status.

And it really ain't no fun getting that property tax bill from the assessor's office. Guess how many bake sales, car washes, bingo nights and cans of Almond Roca they have to sell to make the
1st installment?

Please tell your mom to get over to Macy's and pick out some ties she likes for you. You are going to need them. Because you are going through on Tuesday, Mr. Dogg. YOU ARE GOING THROUGH!"


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