Saturday, September 19, 2009

Eric Garcetti For Mayor? There is a political survey in the field that would lead you to belive so.

ERIC GARCETTI FOR MAYOR?: A long-time friend of mine, from before my city hall activism days tells me that he was called by a polling service and sat through a 20 minute call with A LOT of "perceptual" questions about L.A. City Council President Eric Garcetti. My friend is no activist, but has been tuning in to the council meetings on TV 35 enough during "The Zuma Dogg Era" to respond in all negatives across the board in the survey (LOL!...sorry Eric, I never said anything about you to him, so it IS an honest opinion, so a valid questionaire.) And of course, whenever I told my "city hall insider" friends the interesting story about the long perceptual survey in the market that is taking place in the field, I get an immediate, "I know, he's running for mayor. Everyone knows it. It's not even a secret." My friend said, "Sounded like Eric Garcetti is running for Governor." But again, he's not a political watcher and doesn't realize it ain't governor. But others seem to say, "Mayor." So I guess Wendy will be pushing hard for authority to audit elected officials on performance since the only one campaigning harder for L.A. City mayor than Eric and Zuma Dogg is Wendy. (Unless you also count Nuch.) To be honest, and I am not just saying this to take a jab...I think by the time the Grand Jury is finished with indictments, I'm not sure certain people's chances to run for office will still be an option. (I would guess the issue is "housing.")

REMINDER: Tell everyone in Valley's CD2 there is an election THIS TUESDAY and to vote for Zuma Dogg. (Yes, it's on the ballot as "Zuma Dogg.")

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