Thursday, September 24, 2009

He has brought awareness to the city processes like nobody else. I must take the time to tell him.

Here's is an email sent to Mayor Sam's Michael Higby and myself from Elaine Brown who had her strong endorsement for Mary Benson posted by Higby on his blog.


Are you aware the city budget includes an increase of the fees to appeal a land use decision, according to some Neighborhood Council members. I have not seen it myself, yet.

The current fee is $73 and the new fee is scheduled to be $6,200. Do you have any ideas?

I am really determined to get this publicized and corrected. Everything else on the budget is 5 or 10% increases. This is an increase by 85 times.

There has to be an end to this oligarchy. We are close to having no rights. And we need to find a way for ZD to earn a living and still have time to harrass them. He has brought awareness to the city processes like nobody else. I must take the time to tell him. Thanks, eb

YES, now that the election is OVER and the votes are in, support for Zuma Dogg comes rolling in from people who were pusing to defeat me. Well, the election is over...we're all be back on the same side of the rope, except all the neighborhood political insiders had to throw me under the bus and try so hard to explain to everyone why I would be no good.

Doug M, Kevin J, Higby, Elaine, Ron K, Judy Price, Nina R...EVERYONE....the whole election, everyone says how valuable it all was and I sit and listen to them support someone else, which of course undermines my efforts and belittles them, in my opinion.

But I know that everyone loved what I just did over the past three years and five months -- and you know that "I" love that you love it and that's what kept me truckin'.

I am VERY, VERY pleased that at least after three years of the most intense living most civilian humans will ever endure people feel it brought awareness to city proccesses and that people consider me a civic treasure, local legend, prophet and all that. (Hey, accolaids are all I got and it's my only form of "ratings" to let me know people are paying attention; and my only form of payment...and sometimes a comment from the right stranger at the right time on the street will lift my spirits at JUST the right time. (I DON'T THINK IT'S SHALLOW OR PATHETIC OR NEEDY OF ME THAT IT WAS THE FEEDBACK FROM THE COMMUNITY THAT FUELED ME ALL THIS TIME.)

Anyway, I have to go and knock the sand out of my shoes and get ready for "Led Zeppelin Friday" on KLOS to commemorate the anniversary of the passing of John Bonham. If any pipes explode, someone call me and let me know.

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