Monday, September 14, 2009

L.A. City ETHICS Commission Issues NON-CANDIDATE SPENDING Notification in L.A. City Council Election (Paul Krekorian and Christine Essel Tagged!)

The CEC received a Non-Candidate Spending Notification on Friday, September 11, from the Los Angeles County Democratic Party - State Issues & Advocacy Committee for a mailer supporting Paul Krekorian for a total of $7,833.78.

Other Non-Candidate Spending Notifications received by the CEC thus far in the 2009 Special Election include two mailers sent by the Southwest Regional Carpenter's Association Political Action Fund supporting Chris Essel for a total of $10,579.39 and $5,543.49.

Here are the most recent LA Daily Blog posts on the CD 2 City Council Election that is already (finally) here next week, Tuesday, September 22nd.

If you have not seen "Zuma Dogg" at the City Council meetings, candidate forums or on the radio in the past week, or so; go to the newly revamped website for NEW YouTube videos 9including City TV 35 City Council campaign spot) and radio interviews from KABC and KRLA. It's the "Zuma" you have been waiting for....clean shaven, no ski cap and exemplary upscale presentation.

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