Monday, September 7, 2009

Mayor Sam Publisher Weighs In on Effectiveness and Value of Zuma Dogg's Public Comment (Compared To Crybaby Richard alarCON's Cowardly Behavior)

[Pictured: A degenerate, broken coward observes the master putting him in his place during media interview as the corrupt elected official is forced to watch, helplessly. Words of Truth. What a coward fears most!]

Thanks to Mayor Sam founder and publisher Michael Higby for his comment on his blog today about Zuma Dogg and "public comment" at City Hall, as Councilmembers Richard alarCON and Janice "Kahn" Hahn feel that it is "public comment" that is the problem, NOT their performance as Councilmembers that needs to be addressed with a new motion to bump public comment to the end of the meeting.

More on alarCON and Hahn's pathetic, cowardly motion that Dennis Zine, Tony Cardenas (BOY, this guy has NO room to talk...just ask the F.B.I.), Greg Smith (Mr. Big Excuse/DO NOTHING Talker).


"But I think when it comes to Zuma Dogg who is undoubtedly the king of public comment its not his antics that bother the pols. Its the fact that Zuma puts a spotlight on the shadiness. And since Zuma has information on Alarcon its no wonder Alarcon is trying to put a stop to this. Zuma has been very effective in bringing media attention to City Hall, unlike his predecessors, and has raised awareness of shadiness to new levels. Even if you don't like Zuma you can't deny that. Even though I sometimes don't agree with Zuma, it is clear he has had an impact that makes many of the electeds nervous. " [original post]

Aw yeah! I'll TAKE it! I'm happy calling that the final word on Zuma Dogg. Thanks Michael, even though I know you didn't say it to be thanked!

Yours in karaoke and public comment,
Zuma Dogg

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