Friday, September 4, 2009

The Problem With Tamar Galatzan, Paul Krekorian and Chirstine Essel as City Council Candidates (JUST SAY NO!)

Even though L.A. City Councilmember said this week during the council meeting, "I do not want Zuma Dogg dictating policy for the City of Los Angeles," here's something I must urge all voters to consider for a "No" vote on Tuesday, September 22, 2009: Tamar Galatzan, Paul Krekorian and Christine Essel. I'm asking for a unanimous "No" vote on these despicable political insiders who represent the worst faction of democracy and represent the need for complete reform of the entire democratic process. Because the fact that these three individuals are considered to be "major candidates" demonstrates EVERYTHING that is wrong with democracy.

(O.K., So I'm laying it on a little heavy...but you probably agreed as you read along. And that's because it IS all true, anyway.)

So let Uncle Zuma Dogg break it down for all the suckers who are fooled by slick, shady fliers paid for with outside INDEPENDENT EXPENDITURE MONEY:

Tamar "Goes Along" Galatzan: I've enjoyed the warm and fuzzy chit-chat Zuma Dogg has been able to have with Tamar, now that she is forced to be stuck standing side by side with me, instead of being separated from me by police with guns as she is used to during the LAUSD board meetings. And if this were high school, she'd probably be one of the girls I might have JUST BARELY gotten the nerve up to ask for a dance, only to be harshly reject and laughed at (HENCE THE NEED TO HAVE TO GO OUT THERE IN PUBLIC AND CREATE MY WHOLE ZUMA DOGG PERSONA TO TRY AND OVER COMPENSATE FOR IT ALL!)

But back to the campaign, whether Tamar was a nebbish sorority girl, or the one I imagined above, this is like the 25 year reunion; and all those bad memories are about to be used against Tamar in 2009, as I let you know what I think about HER and her campaign. (Chutzpah is one word some of you CD 2 constituents may find best describes Ms. "Goes Along." (And BOY, does she.)

TAMAR GALTZAN: First of all, she had no problem hopping in bed with the mayor, agreeing to take his $2 million in privately raised, shady money and use it to buy her LAUSD seat. All along people were saying she was only using the (low pay) position to meet people and create support for her to run for this City Council seat when Wendy left for Controller. And say what you want, but that's exactly what happened.

Tamar took the mayor's money and hopped into his getaway car to get onto the LAUSD board.

From there, she used the position to meet parents and organization members and raised money that she is now using to help sucker you into voting for her.

And remember, we KNOW she left $60,000 in her LAUSD campaign fund (where she was allowed to raise unlimited money, with NO restrictions like the $500 cap for Council.) As a matter of fact, one person donated $100,000 into her campaign fund. She leaves $60,000 in her fund. It's transferred into her LAUSD office holder's account. Money that can be used for ANYTHING LAUSD/SCHOOL/KIDS/PROGRAM related...BUT SHE USES IT TO SEND OUT SOME KIND OF BOGUS LAUSD FLIER, A COUPLE WEEKS AGO, JUST IN TIME FOR THE ELECTION. Sounds like campaign money laundering. SHE GOT HAMMERED for it in the Los Angeles Times. And Zuma Dogg was quoted. SHAME ON YOU TAMAR, FOR THAT ALONE.

But using the community members as your puppets who you met and they took time to tell you their needs and worked with you on all the LAUSD matters you PROMISED them you cared about and wanted to work with them on. AND NOW YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY YOU WANT TO WALK AWAY, AND EVEN WORSE ASK FOR THEIR SUPPORT???


AND NOW HER BIG THING IS, "I may have taken the mayor's $2 million, but I still voted against something right away. (The INSANE cafeteria workers pay issue that went through anyway.) So she gets to go against the mayor on the most outrageous thing, and now she can say forever, "I went against the mayor." YEAH,'re a real reformer. You did so much as LAUSD boardmember. You're trailblazing, innovative, cutesy/folksy "striving for 100% graduation by 2012" as your MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT on your shady flier ain't MUCH, babe for all the money.

SHAME ON TAMAR GALATZAN FOR THIS, TOO: All the time and money (expense) that went into getting Tamar up to speed as a boardmember (pretty big task, takes a while to get up to speed). AND NOW SHE WANTS TO WALK AWAY JUST AFTER LAUSD SPENT ALL THE TIME, MONEY AND EFFORT GETTING HER UP TO SPEED.

This is just like someone who JUST gets married, and sees someone else they like a little more (a bigger sugar daddy) and dumps her spouse for a little better deal. (A LOT better deal when you compare LAUSD's measly part-time paycheck to City Council's full time salary and benefits. It's the gravy train gig of all time for a "goes along" like Galatzan.

But yeah, she's so cutesy/folksy and is just like you and is saying anything and everything you want to hear because she knows a lot of people are just naive suckers who get all warm and fuzzy when they see a flier with a bunch of kids striving for perfection, and there's TAMAR with her cutesy/folksy, just like you little picture (paid for out of her LAUSD office holder account of money people gave her for LAUSD, not to send out fliers to walk away from LAUSD.)

SUMMARY: Due to the fact that Tamar "Goes Along" Galatzan made a deal with the devil that Zuma Dogg never would have made, to take $2 million of Villaraigosa's shady, privately raised money to buy the LAUSD school board seat that was only being used to meet people to help gain support to run for the CD 2 City Council seat when Wendy left. Besides the cost and expense of replacing Tamar if she steps down from LAUSD as boardmember, I despise the fact that LAUSD just spent all this time, money and resources to bring Tamar up to speed and all the time the community and parents just spent meeting her and working with her on plans...ONLY TO HAVE HER DUMP EVERYTHING FOR THE PAYCHECK SHE ALWAYS HAD IN HER SIGHT.



VOTE FOR ZUMA DOGG INSTEAD. He's more qualified and much better than her anyway. So what if she married Brendan Huffman of VICA and took $2 million of the mayor's money. WHO WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE FIGHTING FOR YOU AGAINST THE REST OF THE MACHINE?!?!

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