Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tamar Galatzan Has Her Head of Fundraising BUMP INTO ZUMA DOGG While He's Walking Down The Street, Minding His Own Constituent's Business

ZUMA DOGG BUMPS INTO TAMAR GALATZAN HEAD FUNDRAISER ON THE STREET...I MEAN LITERALLY!: Oh my goodness...I know you are raising money Tamar to send out your shady fliers, but you don't have to knock me down on the sidewalk with your HEAD Fundraiser and rub em in my face?

Here's what happened, I was walking down Ventura Blvd in Studio City and all of the sudden, someone comes walking out of a restaurant, and we end up crossing each others path (she crossed mine, y'all...cause I had right of way as someone already walking down the street, but she was on a mission), so I stop fast in my tracks to avoid a collision, extend my arm (in "you have the right of way fashion) and say, "After you" to allow her to pass.

I see she is holding a stack of shady Tamar Galatzan fliers (and I know if she's holding a stack, she ain't just a regular constituent, but someone "on the job") and a plastic box (to hold checks, I guess), so I decide to have some fun and say, "I see you have Tamar Galatzan fliers. I am also running and am showing up everywhere I see a Galatzan flier to talk you into voting for me."

She was about as fun and personable as a librarian and shook her head, "No" (as if THAT isn't going to happen). So I say, "What do you do for the campaign?" Because obviously she worked for the campaign since she was holding fliers and a box, and she told me she was Tamar's head fundraiser.

Then Brendan Huffman (Tamar's husband) came out and I started saying, "Brendan, you gotta give Zuma Dogg 20% of your fundraising money for MY campaign, kind of like affordable housing! COMMON! Pretend it's like SB 1818 and if you give me 20%, like affordable housing requirements and then you can raise more money!" I added that, "I told Chirs Essel she should send out 20% of her fliers for Zuma Dogg, like affordable housing." So he saw I was just having fun, instead of "shaking down." (Cause here I am showing up, in person...Sopranos style, y'all!)

So now that we are having fun, the conversation quickly turned to bashing Krekorian. It was a lot of fun! Brendan took a picture of ZD and the money person and I complained, "Man, why don't you just rub the fliers and money in my face!?!? I mean, do you have your fundraiser person push the money and fliers in my face?" And had a befuddled and defeated look on my face as I pointed to the money box and fliers that I am up against.

And finally, I noted to Brendan and the staffer who crossed paths with ZD, that the Councilmember (ZD) yielded to the constituent. And she agreed in acknowledgment that Mr. Zuma Dogg was most constituent friendly, indeed!

So I'm glad ZD was caught being yielding to the constituent, even if she was holding a stack of fliers and a mostly empty fundraising box.

There was no way that was anything but a cosmic, quantum event. It's a matter of focus! Ask Deepak or Marianne what was in play here. And Brendan, how about emailing me a copy of the photo:

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