Monday, September 28, 2009

VIDEO TRAILER: Michael Jackson - "This Is It!"

WOW! There were reports that he couldn't sing like he used to. Don't believe what you read on blogs, cause in this clip his voice still sounds "studio quality," during rehearsals. I was shocked at how good he sounds at the beginning of this clip.

All the money that is going to be made off of this movie, while City of L.A. picked up the tab for the AEG/Staples Memorial event, is gonna make Nuch & ZD's head explode! "This Is It!" (As in the profits SONY was waiting for. Aren't they in Culver City?)

By the way, speaking of NUCH and AEG MJ Memorial Event...look for Nuch to follow up on his, "criminal elements" with a shoe to drop soon. (YES, the name of THAT movie trailer is called, "It Ain't Over"...and ZD says you may hear something while this movie is in theaters.)

But for now..."Whoooooooo! Whoooooo! Na-na-na,, na, naaaa, na-na...

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