Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Zuma Dogg Candid Memo On His Decision To Endorse Chris Essel Over Paul Krekorian (AND REALLY, REALLY FEELS Paul MUST Be Defeated/Essel Must Win!)

HERE ARE SOME EMAILS BETWEEN ZD AND SOMEONE WHO'S OPINION HE WAS INTERESTED IN, REGARDING THE CD 2 RUN-OFF BETWEEN KREKORIAN AND ESSEL. Remember, I don't ask someone's opinion on something unless I feel they have an educated, informed opinion that I respect. (Even if I don't always like the answer I receive.)

Here's the question from ZD: "How would you like to be a cd 2 voter? Who would you vote for between the two?"

ZD Opinion Leader: Zuma, I don't take sides in elections. But from my perspective, the two issues I am waiting for people to bring up Krekorian's backdoor budget team decisions in with Karen Bass and the Democratic Caucus as State Assemblymember, or Essel's actual activities to push SB 1818 while with CCA.

9/28/09 1:41 PM, "Zuma Dogg" wrote:
Thanks, I'll focus on "look into Krekorian's backdoor budget decisions with Karen Bass and as ASSembly leader," because I guess I have to over-look Essel's actual activities to push SB 1818 while with CCA.

Since it lost a legal judgment recently, and more bad legal news on the way...AND, if this election is the unions (Krekorian) vs Developers (Essel) at least developers are shut down, for now (no money for these big projects), the emergency budget talks were over UNIONS bankrupting the city, not developers.

I can only hope the community keeps pressure on Chris once she's in office-- and there is NOTHING worse than a shady, slimey ASSemblymember in MY opinion. Forget that he used his ASSembly position and staff to run for THIS office and walk
away from his commitment and at least Chris didn't do that. THAT ALONE would not be enough to COMPLETELY nix him, but it's the starting point...and again...I know that you know better than I do, what a bunch of bankrupting slimebags that the Krekorian ASSembly crew is. THIS GUY COULD BE WORSE THAN ALARCON, IN MY OPINION.

I know saying nothing (not supporting Essel so vocally and so early) would have been more popular for me, but I just got pissed at a lot of the nutty stuff people fall for, and at least I REALLY admire Chris (am jealous) over her administrative and executive abilities and think she's "better" than the other professional career do-nothing (except Parks) in the horseshoe.

So hopefully, you don't think I am being a sucker....

REPLY FROM ZD OPINION LEADER: Zuma, Your analysis is a smart one. You're right, developers play the lesser role in what you describe below. Interesting times! Someone said to me last weekend Krekorian is The Cadaver because he has clammy hands, no warmth, and a cadaver-like face. Anyway, things will get ugly now.

UPDATE: Zuma Dogg asked Chris about the stuff mentioned above. Here's my response based on what she told me:

I spoke with Chris and she told me personally, that she has already said that SB 1818 doesn't work for the Valley. And I grilled her in the way you know Zuma Dogg does on her role at CCA (Central City Association) and she told me that she DID NOT vote for, or have any role in the creation of the "push" movement. She was participating with CCA on behalf of Hollywood production and their needs -- and wasn't part of the housing issue that this is part of.

So when she says, "SB 1818 doesn't work for the Valley," and didn't vote on any of the SB 1818 that was part of a Downtown organization (not CD 2 Valley group) ; in a position she held toward the goal of trying to help downtown be more Hollywood production friendly."

I know who Krekorian rolls with in the Assembly; and they push for shady loopholes that would allow Verdugo Hills golf course to jam in the 229 housing units. THAT'S WHO IS SUPPORTING KREKORIAN (Fuentes). But you people like to fall for what he says...WHEN YOU ARE FORGETTING HE JUST PROMISED A BUNCH OF STUFF TO SUPPORTERS RECENTLY, AND HE HOPES TO WALK AWAY FROM ALL OF THAT. And NOW, you are falling for it, AGAIN! I bet you are the type of people who would look at detective photos of your spouse in a hotel room cheating on you with someone else, behind your back (which is what Paul is doing to his constituency) and you would say, "Oh no...he's not cheating on me, he's just sharing that shower with that other woman to help conserve water under DWP mandatory conservation.


So let's just say Essel is on a secret agent Downtown development mission. She just said SB 1818 (density bonus) doesn't work for the Valley, so let her go jam up Downtown with a bunch of stuff there is no money for anyway and you can keep an ASSembly member where he belongs. FIXING the mess he created and honoring his promises to the people who supported him.


What Zuma Dogg Wants You To Know About Chris Essel...

Why I Am Supporting Christine Essel for CD 2 City Council ...

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CHRIS ESSEL, the Outsider/Grass Roots Candidate, this time, in the run-off: Last time there were several outsider, grass-roots candidates, and since Chris Essel raised a lot of money (even though it was as an outsider, it was not while sitting in an elected seat) so people like Zuma Dogg and Kevin James were more hard on Chris Essel, because we wanted some of the other smaller (no money) candidates to win the seat.
But the Top 2 money makers DID make it in, and again, a decision has to me made. So it seems to be shaking out, this time around, for the early December run-off, which candidate may get the "grass roots" support. Looks like it could be Chris Essel. Not that Kevin James has endorsed either candidate, and he probably won't until after he interviews the candidates on the air and in potential debates. But on Wednesday night, first of all, Kevin noted that Chris Essel has agreed to go on his show, this time for both and interview and in debates (if Paul accepts). So the relentless hammering Essel took for NOT going on Kevin's show, last time, is gone. But now, Kevin was reading an article in Sacramento Bee about ASSemblyman Paul Krekorian and his status as #2 gift taker in the California State ASSembly including things like sports tickets, fine wine, fancy clothes and all the Fabian Nunez type gift taking that they say is not illegal, although highly un-ethical and just looks REALLY bad, and sure as hell pissed off Zuma Dogg to call into Kevin's show. And Kevin took ZD's call as he was doing the segment, and it was a lot of fun as ZD sat on the line like and made side comments like an Ed MacMahon type of guy. It was HILARIOUS with a lot of rim shots...and ZD got to rattle off a nice ANTI-KREKORIAN rant on how he represents everything that is WRONG as a City Council member. (The podcast should be posted tomorrow night on the KRLA website and I'll post the link when available.) So looks like Essel who took a hammering from ZD and James in the primary are giving her the pass and going after Krekorian.

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