Thursday, September 3, 2009

Zuma Dogg Feels A Good Vibe and Nice Momentum in CD 2 City Council Campaign

Yes, as I feel momentum on my candidacy; as I show up at these candidate forums all clean shaven, in a suit, almost appearing "sane" in my presentation and I am not only winning over people who only knew me as the ski cap/sunglasses "berater" (as Orlov likes to call it) see I'm not as bad of a guy as the image on TV -- but winning over people who have NO IDEA who Zuma Dogg is, and just show up to watch ten people, then walk up to me after the forum and tell me I won their vote! And I've been doing a nice job at the council meetings on TV 35 trying to give folks a taste of what Councilmember Zuma Dogg (or is it Saltsburg) would be like, as I speak out from the podium as a candidate/councilmember and not the Xtreme Gadfly. So basically, it's going as good as it can go for a guy with no money to spend of mailers or anything else. So we are going to see how the past three years of "Zuma Dogg" at City Hall (TV, radio, blogging, additional media coverage) stacks up in a competitive election.

Now not to try and analyze the situation as a candidate itself (because what could be less credible) but I would like to note for anyone who chooses to believe I am honest;

YES, there are a lot of people out there who are saying there is a lot of backlash against the Top 3 money INSIDER canidates (Essel, Krekorian, Galatzan) and the people are looking for that grassroots alternative, and it was explained to me by ONE un-named media staffer, "I think you're standing in the perfect position, right now, as someone known as the gadfly who has been speaking out against them every day." (Seems to think "Zuma Dogg" is the poster child for "alternative grass roots candidates,' THANK YOU VERY MUCH! (Like I said, I know it's the candidate saying it.)

But my campaign if nothing else, has allowed a lot of people in the Neighborhood Council, general community (through the forums) and especially some of the people interviewing me for endorsements I'll never get like the PPL, Daily News and LA Times.

They are seeing me for the first time outside of the TV 35 television screen. It was nice when one of the newspaper people grilling me said, "Sorry to ask you so many questions like this (about my radio and record work career and Deming training), but most of us only know you from the time you entered City Hall on TV. (They didn't even know Zuma Dogg had been on public access TV for 6 years previous to my City Hall debut and was already a legendary icon within the city.) And for me, I always love the opportunity to let them know about my radio and management background, because that's the stuff that makes them feel good, and I was a magic, trailblazing, innovative force -- never seen before, so I love to re-cap on the "glory days!"

And in the end, someone from the media told me this week, "You really improved your presentation since you ran for mayor."

And to me...that means my campaign is already a success...because if nothing else, letting people see David Saltsburg and letting him show up for the interviews is helping the image and perception of "Zuma Dogg' with a lot of the influential movers and shakers in the city whether it's the media, neighborhood council opinion leaders, other candidates (including the big ones and their campaign staff), and I know the Councilmembers actually dig David compared with ZD. (LABONG LOVES THE ZUMA DOGG MAKEOVER INTO DAVID MORE THAN ANYONE IN THE CITY, I THINK! Right back at ya, Tom!)

So I feel good about the campaign and feel it's possible that this is just meant to happen and when you look back, you have a unique situation where the time, place and manner may all be lining up for the people finally, "Just say No" to politics as usual, now that there is a grassroots candidate who knows what is going on and has shown the people that he honors their community spirit and has really been tested on a day to day basis on his position, on so many items. And if I wasn't on target or honoring it all, they would be throwing tomatoes at me instead of blessing me with deeply thankful and appreciative comments.

The love of the people is all I got and everyone knows it. And it's the most powerful force in the universe. So we'll see what happens on Sept 22nd. I know there are a lot of desperate candidates at the grassroots and BIG money level who have to cram for finals. I'm the student who feels really good right now, because I have been showing up to class and doing all the homework all along. So I can't WAIT for the exam to get here!

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