Friday, September 4, 2009

Zuma Dogg TWITTER Update for Friday, September 4, 2009

Note: Zuma Dogg coined a phrase to make it easier when blogging: Instead of typing, "medical marijuana" every time, I will just use the phrase, "medi-juana."

Zuma Dogg's TWITTER tweets for Friday, Sept 4, 2009 (Much more at

# ZUMA GETS THE JOB DONE!: LA Weekly asked me for comments on CD2. My cell phone was down, no payphones, so went to AT&T store to return call!

# Here's a VERY FUNNY video: Zuma Dogg Tries To Present Award To Kid Who Doesn't Want It: More at

# What I'm trying to say in the few Tweets below is FAME will mess with your mind sometimes when you are experiencing it from my position.

# Most people recognized in public the way I am are making a million dollars an episode, or something. It's kinda surreal from my perspective.

# Was just walking down street in Studio City and someone says, "Aren't you running for something coming up?" Word of mouth, without mailers!

# It's an interesting phenomenon when someone taps you on shoulder at coffee shop, as someone just did, and asks you a question about council. (Why Matt Dowd got banned for 30 days. LOL!)

# I've been begging for PayPal donations all day. THANKS TO THE PERSON FROM BEVERLY HILLS (outside LA City) who read my blog and donated. LOL!

# Fellow City Council Candidate A Bisani driving down street, saw ZUMA DOGG standing on the corner, so he picked me up and bought dinner! What a treat! He's got the ZD spirit!

# Bad news for E$$el, Krackwhorian and "Goes Along" Galatzan: Zuma Dogg just NAILED his best anti-3 rant for LA WEEKLY author doing article.

# Zuma Dogg NEEDS some donations today. MORE THAN EVER! Here's the link if you can help: Click PayPal link here:

# Medi-juana: Problem LA City faces is a lot of doctors write too many prescriptions not in spirit of law, so now there IS a demand for all these co-ops.

# City Council did a good job of addressing Medi-marijuana today.FINALLY put it on the shady doctors who create demand by over prescribing.

# "Why do we always wait till the last day to do something around here!" - Councilmember Bill Rosendahl during today's council meeting.NICE!

# I noticed GOLD is up around $995. Anytime it gets near $1000 you better pay attention to your Wall Street stock portfolio.about 8 hours ago from HootSuite

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