Friday, September 18, 2009

Zuma Dogg Update on Developer Forum at Valley Glen Parish: Everything HUNKY-DORY as CD 2 City Council Campaign Events Are "Wrapped"

Event over. No incident. We were all allowed to enter and there was no one even checking. Besides the candidates and their people, there were about 15 community members to sway.

It was kind of like a Spinal Tap-ish event, where you had all this hoopla, then crickets chirping to a room of 3 candidates speaking to each others campaigns. Kind of like a dress rehersal. Zuma, Frank S, David Hernandez, Pete S, Michael McC were there. Judy was there and snarled as she walked past us, kind of like in Junior High.

The energy was nice and all the candidates (Big 3 and Community 5 in attendance) were friendly to each other and it was a nice "wrap party" for us all. And I really do think each of the community 7 all really did a great job in this election cycle and I really think the other community candidates have each done wonders for raising awareness about themselves in the community and everyone had a good story to tell about their activism/participation and it has elevated the entire "activism"/"community awareness" campaign in the city.

There were NO loser candidates, this time compared the the mayor's election we just had. This was a COMPLETELY different experience in this election. ALL of the grassroots candidates brought good things to the table, and no one brought anything bad. No DUMB answers. No real foots in mouths. I feel great about the process from my point of view as an activist myself. I know people have complaints about the challenges of the "Community 7" vs "Big 3 Money Takers," but I think each of the other community candidates DEFINITELY walks away with dignity, has done wonders for the entire community process (Neighborhood Council/Homeowner Associations/Etc.), and each of the candidates themselves rasied awareness on themselves in nothing but positive ways, in my opinion.

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