Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dennis Zine is DUMB!

I just felt like letting people know that it is my belief after sitting in on a few council meetings that Dennis Zine is dumb. Completely worthless, basically. Nice guy, maybe...but he should just sit quietly and not chime in so as to not to slow down the meetings with his nutty, empti-headiness. I wonder if knows ANYTHING about the stuff he votes on? (Nice idea on the AEG/LIVE billboards, Denny...except it was a dumb waste of time that went no where and shot down faster than you could spit it out.) I'm hungry and would take a bite out of my Dennis Zine sandwich, but I'm already full of shit for the day. DENNIS...WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??? BESIDES WORK TO HAVE ALL THE MEDIJUANA CLINICS SHUT DOWN? If I want to see a clown, I'll go to the circus. I don't like seeing them in chambers.

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