Monday, October 5, 2009

I Hope You're Sitting Down: DWP (that's YOU...YOUR MONEY) Will Be Paying Outgoing David Nahai FULL SALARY as "Consultant" (Aka: "Hush Money")

ZD's blog viewership is up since I've hit HARD TIMES on the Mean Streets of L.A. (Not so mean, today, though, cause I'm back to my hometown community of Malibu, CA.) AND, the good news is, now that ZD's 3 and a half year (Jack Bauer-like episode of "24" called "3 1/2") has wrapped it's season finale, and Zuma Dogg is back to "regular" pre-city hall Zuma Dogg, I'm trying to be the manager and agent of Zuma Dogg and put him on the road and back on TV. So far today, I have raised enough money for 10 full half hour shows on the Malibu cable system and the money to print the T-shirts and merchandise to sell on the show. So I just kinda fell into that. But I also have to remind you I have been speaking about quantum physics and spritual energy like Wayne Dyer, Marriane Williamson and Deepak Chopra speak of. And on the day I completed the detoxification process of Green HULK Zuma Dogg, back to David (Banner and Saltsburg)...and am willing to change my focus and energies -- and have proven it by staying away from city hall and doing some other things...what I need to get the show and merchandise together (the obsitcle I have not been able to get over for years...has presented itself, and now I have to produce the show...and to the people concerned about me over the past weekend's was like passing a kidney stone, and it's a long way back, but at least it FEELS like a lot of that energy that fueled the Dogg for the past three years (and kept my body in shock to allow it to continue) has dissipated...and MAN, let me tell you, I can't even IMAGINE what a 90 year old must feel like, because I can barely move and my spine and neck is so twisted...and I just feel EVERY second of the past three and a half years, now...and it's all caught up with me at once, and I guess THAT'S instant karma. (So I've been on karma steroids for the past few years, and now that the juice is off...I'm feeling reality.) BUT, at least the magic is still happening cause this guy SWEARS if I don't have the money for it all on Friday I can punch him in the face with his hands tied behind his back. So I kinda hope he DOESN'T follow through. (Just kidding.) But to the doubters, he/she already gave me a hundred dollar advance for it all, to show he/she is serious. So get ready for Zuma Dogg and Matt Dowd to be coming to your town, like Grand Funk Railroad, to help you party it down. And get ready for more Zuma Dogg shirts in the city than I will know what to do with. Cause the person threw out a MUCH bigger "seed money" figure than ZD was thinking of...LOL! (BUT, they want things to be done hopefully the new era will be a good one in the media and marketplace and the new act will include all the new activism and poltical awareness I now carry with me, so watch out Barbra, Bill, Richard and cronies in Malibu...ZD is gonna fill a few folks in on what all of y'all have been doing with Antonio, Eli, AEG and the rest of you shady clowns across the McClure Underpass....IT'S CALLED POLITICAL ACTIVISM...AND NOW IT'S GOING TO BE ON A COMMERCIAL SHOW WHERE I'M NOT LIMITED TO PUBLIC ACCESS GUIDELINES...OH MAN ARE YOU GUYS IN TROUBLE!

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12 Week Average: (The stat I look at each week most as a "market researcher" cause weekly trends fluctuate)

This Week - Blog - Previous
1 Orange Juice 1
2 LA Observed 2
3 Calitics 3
4 L.A. Daily Blog 4
5 Politics in the Zeros 5

LA Observed ain't really a blog y'all, but a general website about sports and all kinds of general fluffy stuff. I'm not saying it isn't a good, or even great source, but it ain't the hard ball, bamboozle-busting or original content that the lone ZD has been throwing out there.

AND, in a down week for my blog on the weekly ranker (which is why I follow the 12 week rolling average, more...the other stat I look for, each week, is the "per post ranking." Beacuse number of posts drive up your ranking, as do number of comments. So this is the pure "per post" readership ranking:

Rank - Blog
1 The Rose Report
2 Spot-On
3 San Diego Politico
4 Monterey County Democrats
5 A Better Oakland
6 Cobb
7 Calitics
8 The Swarm
9 L.A. Daily Blog
10 Capital Notes

(I like it when I'm in the Top 5 on this chart, but even this week on a down week, ZD's blog is the only L.A. blog in the Top 10. So when ZD posts...people see it!)

So for whatever reason, thanks for reading. This week should be even higher rankings because the weekend stats and stats from today are bigger than ususal. And it's been all about the world of ZD, for the mostpart. Shame on you people...the more city activism I post, the lower my readership. Looks like I gotta keep blogging about "The Life and Times of Zuma Dogg" along with City stuff like this, that will make you sick.

SO, FIRST GET READY TO FIRST GET SICK, THEN GET OUTRAGED! I love ya, Dave, but not THAT much. I hope a solar panel falls on your head and you aren't wearing a hard hat. It's called "HUSH MONEY" if you aks Zuma Dogg.

Outgoing DWP chief Nahai would keep full salary as consultant under proposal Source: Officials at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power officials plan to give a consulting contract to the outgoing general manager of the power agency that would pay him the same salary he was earning as the DWP's top...

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