Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Major News Service Contacts Zuma Dogg To Talk About His "PensionGate" Analysis!

Aw yeah, looks like people from across the country are tuned in to ZumaReport (formerly LA Daily Blog) for his EXCLUSIVE PensionGate coverage that started two years ago, when ZD noticed CalPERS pension money was being invested in the bogus Grand Avenue Project (A "mirage" of Eli Broad and Bill Shitte's Related Cos).

But the "quote/unquote" actual "PensionGate" coverage started last spring when you started to hear the term "placement agents.". Remember my trip to Del Mar, CA in May? A magic era, indeed.

I just got off the phone with a reporter and ZD got the "dream opportunity" to throw EVERYONE related to PensionGATE under the bus, and we compared notes and I learned some new stuff and I think I helped connect some dots and add some missing pieces for the reporter.

So hopefully, a big story coming soon. But it sounds like a BIG story, so it will probably take a while (maybe a month) to complete it, from what I can guess.

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