Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mayor Sam Bloggers Wake Up Zuma Dogg With The Collective Consciousness of Anti-Jack Weiss Spirit In The Air

COLLECTIVE SPIRIT OR COINCIDENCE?: I have spoken about non-material intelligence that surrounds us in the same way radio waves surround us. And I have mentioned that I feel you can access this information and channel this "spiritual energy" in the same way a radio picks up radio waves through the air. You know, all that Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer stuff.

People discount these types of "instincts" (Spidey senses) because this higher level of awareness is constantly being stripped away by society and interfered with through media over-saturation of the brain.The key to accessing collective consciousness is through "belief." It's pretty basic and simple, but a HUGE leap of faith for most people. (I HAD TO BE HIT OVER THE HEAD WITH A FRIKKIN' SPIRITUAL SLEDGEHAMMER A FEW TIMES TO WAKE UP AND ACCEPT THAT THE MIND/BODY IS CAPABLE OF MUCH MORE THAN WE GIVE OURSELVES CREDIT FOR.) And maybe I'll have some fun on this blog, soon, by telling some of these stories/signs. (Or you can call me on my cell phone and ask me to tell you some if you can't wait.)

And this being Sunday morning, I'll tell this story, that you will first have to choose to believe that I am telling the truth (which I am); and then you will have to choose to believe the story is NOT just a coincidence, but an example of this non-material, spiritual energy, that I have said is being jammed into my brain these past three years. (Aka: collective consciousness) Here's a freaky example from today:

As many of you know, I wake up pretty cranky about something, EVERY DAY, as I am still sleep deprived beyond functionality on the streets.

AND, it's usually someone who made a promise in some way that keeps getting pushed back, or something like that.

So today, OUT OF NO WHERE, I wake up, and the first thought that pops into my head is, "That F*CKING JACK WEISS!" And I started to think back of all the memories of him in chambers being a frowning dick all the time and out of everyone I've ever met in my life, this guy is in his own category, and I decided, you know, I haven't said anything about Jack since he lost the election (and you KNOW that), and today, I'm just gonna blast him for no reason other to pay him back for being a dick all that time.

WHO KNOWS WHY THIS FEELING HIT ME ON A SUNDAY WHEN I SWEAR I HAVEN'T GIVEN THE GUY A SECOND OF THOUGHT SINCE HE LOST THE CITY ATTORNEY'S ELECTION AND WAS NO LONGER MY PROBLEM??? (And although I hated Weiss as an elected official and pushed hard to keep him out of City Attorney's office, the guy never sent me off into Crankyland, personally, the way Garcetti cutting me off, or other people have. I just didn't like him, but I wasn't losing sleep over the guy or even getting bi-polar over him in any way. But, this morning, I woke up and was just THE MOST CRANKY AT JACK WEISS AS I HAVE EVER BEEN???)

So I check Mayor Sam's blog this morning, and I see on his Sunday Thread he posted a video of me, making fun of Jack Weiss' campaign flier from back during the election, all of the sudden, out of no where, today.

So take it or leave it, but I am here to tell you, like when I had a dream about Marlon Brando, then woke up and found out on TV he passed away. You can add this story, too. I think this latest Jack Weiss story is the same thing. You have the "collective consciousness" of the ZD Jack Weiss video being posted, people reading it, thinking about it...and that's the electro-magnetic non-material (spiritual) energy that I claim to feel is out there and has been dragging me around for the past three years and telling me everything I'm trying not to know about the city.

STOP IT PEOPLE!!! STOP SENDING ME YOUR THOUGHTS THROUGH THE AIR!!! I'M TRYING TO SLEEP! (LOL...and of course I KNOW the ZD internet-stalker nutcase will have a BLAST with that comment. But I don't care, because maybe one person reading will benefit by the power of belief that I hope this story attempts to provide. This story was NOT about politics. Hey, it's Sunday morning...why not?)

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