Friday, October 16, 2009

NEW & EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS OF CITY HALL INAUGURAL EVENT: Cooley, Baca, Dogg, Garshady, Villaraigosa and more

AW YEAH...I left my ZumaCAM charger at City Hall on Inauguration Day in early July and just got a new charger. Have a lot of video to come, and here are some pictures that have just become more vintage like fine wine, or a good sativa. A lot of people in the news and mentioned on this blog this week, too. So it's all topical. You got Cooley, Baca, Trutanich, Garshady and the mayor, whose name is no longer enough of a boost in the Google search engines to bother spelling out.

Illegal Clear Channel window wrap on City Hall.

Voter Outrage Headquarters

David Z didn't realize it was ZD asking where restrooms were?

There are no politicians in this picture, THAT'S for sure.


Nuch's 1st press conference (Zuma only videocam in room)

Should sell this on ebay to help budget

Subliminal advertising for cronies with water interests

The deciders!

Not now Lee, I'm taking a picture of that fire engine. (Lee wanted me to say, "hello" to his friend on the phone to prove it was really ZD.)

L.A.'s Most Wanted (Even Jill Stewart call you "dumb" and "the stupidest." Hope the Feds don't call you "guilty!")

BUSTED: By Zuma Dogg who snapped a shot of his notes. (Next bust won't be as funny.)

HEY! I'm trying to be serious here! I'm going to tell your dad on you!

Mr. Garshady!!! I was trying to film a serious video, about an important issue, and Eric was being silly and disruptive in the background and wasn't following rules of decorum. Will you send him to his room and don't let him watch American Idol?

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