Saturday, October 10, 2009

NEW POST: "Zuma Show" (Zuma Dogg LIVE Call In Radio Show) SATURDAY NIGHT 9PM

See the new Blog Talk Radio player on the right side of this blog for the newest and newly improved "Zuma Show" (Zuma Dogg LIVE call in Radio Show) On my dashboard, I can load audio like public comment clips and songs and jingles; TAKE UP TO 50 CALLS AT ONCE (Town Hall Meetings) -- AND, make OUTGOING calls. I had two guests on tonight's show: Mark, who has horror stories of his move to start a Westwood Neighborhood Council and Joe B. from Sunland-Tujunga who most people reading this blog already knows. So I called Joe B. on my new OUTGOING call dashboard, to test it out, so we did an impromptu conversation that is good. And I try out some other things. I'm gonna tighten up the show and make it better, but this shows you what can be done and what is to come on "Zuma Show." So be ready for the same old call from ZD, except it might be on the air. And check back for the next show on Sunday. Each one will be a little better.

NOTE: I will edit and replace this show, hopefully on Sunday. I started the show, then thought it wasn't working and hung up, abruptly. Then started it a new show, fresh from the top -- about a minute later. So when you hear me hang up...just wait for the main LONG show start again. There are some slow parts and some repetition, but it picks up again if you hang in there and there is good stuff throughout. So here's the first real show.

SEE PLAYER ON LEFT FOR THIS AND PREVIOUS SHOWS. AGAIN...this is a demo since there is a false start show. Forward through the silence for part two. THIS SHOW FEATURES "WEEK IN REVIEW" "AM NEWS RADIO STYLE READING OF NEWS HEADLINES." Check it out.

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