Saturday, October 31, 2009

NEW: Zuma Dogg LOST Audio Files - Howard Stern & Public Access Hip Hop Era

[Picutred: HE'S ALIVE!!! 10.31.09. Can this guy make a comeback of the sidewalk? A quiet room with a bed for a week is helping to jump start the process. Also pictured: Deming, Ries and Robbins take a back seat as "most influential" to Run-DMC (& Jam Master Jay) in the next round of Zuma Dogg LOST AUDIO CLASSICS.]

CHECK BACK LATER TODAY FOR THE UPDATES OF NEW ZD AUDIO: "The Early Years (2000-2004)" -- and a new ZumaSHOW radiocast.

UPDATE: I just found an old CD with several audio tracks from the original, "The Zuma Dogg Show" (public access era, crica 2000-2004) which clearly proves that Michael Jackson may be "King of Pop," but Zuma Dogg is "King of Hop."

So if you are a fan of Zuma Dogg's budgetary, planning, economic and legislative talk, this series of lost audio classics may not be for you.

But if you are a fan of the "hip-hop" freestyle battle-rapper side of Zuma Dogg, this is all stuff you have never heard before, because it has never been posted and again, it CLEARLY demonstrates that Zuma Dogg actually is one of the all time rap legend greats, D.O.A. -- and that's just simply on the realest, dough.

I know ZD is like "The Blues Brothers" in the sense that it's always going to be somewhat comedy, because we are characters, in reality; but at the end of the's the realest, on top. (And you can play these clips for the hardest of hardcore hip-hop homies and they will back up my claims.)

So, let the good times roll for you more contemporary Zuma Dogg fans on the pop culture tip. THIS IS THE STUFF THAT MADE ME A LEGEND AND AN ICON BEFORE I EVER WALKED INTO CITY HALL. Ahhhhh, the triuphantness of legendariness. I'll start off easy with some Bee Gees LIVE (from the Adelphia studios) for people who might want to have a listen without being berated with ZD's gangsta hip-hop talk: (Casey Kasem Voice): On American Top 40, I'm Casey Kasem with the number one song from five years ago today. It's Malibu hip-hop legend, Zuma Dogg, with his Bee Gess medley of 'How Deep Is Your Love and Stayin' Alive." We hope Zuma Dogg stays alive so he can continue to show you exactly, just how deep his love is. On American Top 40, I'm Casey Kasem.

ALSO: Found the original letter Deming sent me, old photos of Dave and Zuma from mid-90's (for comparison) and ALL my original writings that haven't been looked at since the internet has come around, so a lot to post.

PLUS, the ORIGINAL,full-length 19 minute Howard Stern radio show appearance that has never been posted, which is the debut of Zuma Dogg, first ever unleashing of Zuma Dogg. (And what an un-leashing it was.)

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