Monday, October 5, 2009

A Very Personal Message from Zuma Dogg's new Ghost Writer

WOW! Looks like Zuma Dogg has a "ghost writer," because I didn't write a word of this. Someone sent it to me under the subject: "Paste."

The beat goes on....

When ZD is down, it is seldom his rich acquaintances that try to pick him up. It is
always the little guys who find a way to send me 5.00 to keep going on. That money keeps me eating, if only one meal a those of you, I say thank-you. I would happily place a list of you on my site to show how you kept me moving, but none of you have asked that, I feel that all of you only cared for me.

Then there are some who had more money and kept my blog going, even though sometimes I had to reach to above to make it happen and not eat. Thank-you very much, and I mean that as sincerely to those help buy me a sandwich (the little guys who always stand by me, and now the bigger guys who back me up).

I now that I went into a meltdown last week. But I totally need to explain.....I am in physical pain due to injuries/pains that only either a Physical Therapist or a Chiropractor can relieve. My choice of course is a chiropractor as the relief is instant. I only asked if there was a Chiropractor willing to give relief gratis. I did not ask for your contribution to help me see a Dr.

Okay, lets go through this and discuss last week. I had put everything I had into the election....but the funny is that I do not really want to be a council member. I only wanted to be known and serve and people wanted me to serve them. [The problem is, I found out that people know me but could not vote for me. Hey did I do right? Firetruck no! But I gave it my best. [ZD: Actually, I wanted to win, if I could, to send the message, and I would have served and feel it would have been the best term, ever...BUT, of course I didn't actually WANT the job and would be much happier doing some of the things I hope to do as Zuma Dogg, in a related role...BUT, had I won, it would have been a new chapter and challenge I would have risen to and blew everyone away, as usual. But it would have been punishment for blowing nearly a decade as "Zuma Dogg" instead of having a "real job," and it was only 18 months, if it turned out to be a nightmare."]

Then as I am trying to pull the frigging plug, you guys are telling me to hang in there?

So you want me to live on the street, eat out of garbage bins, and represent
you.....hmmmmmmmmmmm maybe, and that is a big maybe.........I will. But, know that I come now with friends......I tried to do it all on my own, are you willing to be my friend?

THANKS, GHOST WRITER! Not that I would have said this, exactly in this way...but as I read sure looked like something I could put my name on. And most will agree this person is a better writer in their own way, anyway. (More in the way some wish I could write, myself, all the time.)

AND, again, to let people know, since it's been a turbulent weekend...although my body is in shock from sleep deprivation (slept from 1:00am-3:30am, and have been up since 3:30am), the delirium feels good...kinda like nitrous oxide from my high school senior year. But the reason I feel good, is because someone came up with more than $5.00. And although it's not to eat on, and I won't have it until Friday, I feel confident, that Zuma Dogg Productions will have the basic "up front" money to get my cable show back on in Malibu, to start; get the first batch of "Zuma Dogg" shirts made up since "the City Hall era," because besides the ones I wore myself, I never actually had any cranked out. There was just a HUGE energy/karma blockage as I was in "ZD/Hulk Day To Day City Activist Mode" -- and now that I am ready to move on, look how it has presented itself. So, I 'll have the "up front" money for the commerical airtime in Malibu, T shirts and other ZD merchandise made up, and get some gigs booked...and the FIRST Zuma Dogg LIVE appearance will be in Calabasas on Las Virgines Rd for Friday Night Karaoke with the local Malibu DJ service who was voted #1 DJs in entire city on MyFoxLA poll for the past two years running. They are big in the area ZD is big in, so we cross paths all the time, and now that ZD has the cable TV promotional juice in that area, we are combining forces, along with legendary L.A. guitarist, Matt Dowd, who many of you know from public comment. Matt can win over ANY crowd with his ability to do a shows worth of classic rock, blues, new age and some stuff I'm probably forgetting in a way that would make Clapton, Page and Gilmoure sit back and enjoy their equal. THEN, top it off with the superstar legendary, show-shopping, phenomenon that IS ZUMA DOGG - LIVE performing his Vegas revue with classics by Michael Jackson, U2, Elton John, Springsteen, Snoop Dogg, AC/DC, Whitney Houston, Bee Gees and, yes, depending on if the crowd deserves it, or not...JOURNEY! Springsteen can't get away without "Born To Run," Elton John, "Your Song," and fans want their money back if they don't get, "Don't Stop Believing," as performed by Zuma Dogg.

IT'S A LONG ROAD BACK, AND I HAVE TO GET THE SHOW PRODUCED, AND THE SHIRTS MADE, AND THE GIGS BOOKED (Cause the Friday Night LIVE with Zuma Dogg is just a special guest appearance FREE gig for the regular karaoke/dance party that is already happening. So ZD is just hoping to help BOOST and ENHANCE the event through my TV promotion, that hits that area and a place we can all have some fun in a nice place without a cover charge in Calabasas/Malibu area, RIGHT off the 101.

AND THERE WILL BE SOME SEED MONEY LEFT OVER TO DO SOME OTHER THINGS IN THE MARKET, AND YOU KNOW ZD...IT'S ALL ACCELERATOR, WITH THE PEDAL TO THE METAL...SO HOPEFULLY, THE IMPACT WILL START AS EARLY AS THIS WEEKEND AND NEXT WEEK. AND I'LL MAKE SURE TO HIT SOME STUFF IN L.A. AREA, even if not in L.A. City limits. (Sorry, it's kind of anti-business and not "event" friendly. But there are places outside L.A. City limits that is just as close for many of you as other parts of L.A.)

KISS, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E STREET BAND, EAGLES, BLUES BROTHERS, BACKSTREET BOYS...many great groups have taken a break to pursue other related projects that didn't fit in the context of the group. Zuma Dogg just left for a solo project as an activist, performing material that put a hold on the usual group. Just as solo KISS projects, or Springsteen leaving the E Street Band to make "Nebraska" as a solo artist (and all the other crap he made without the band) -- TO COME BACK, once again...even more legendary, with all the past experiences now added to the repertoire, the way the Eagles play solo material from Don Henely, Joe Walsh and Glenn Frey and integrate it into the group.

So like Bruce back with the E Street Band, or Glen Back with Don, or AJ back with Nick...ZD is back with the pre-city hall era Zuma Dogg. And that ain't much, but it's more than it's been in three and a half years on the first day back. QUANTUM PHYSICS, Y'ALL!

WARM UP GIG: THIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9th...Zuma Dogg will be making an appearance for the opening week of Vegas Style Dance Party Karaoke with the DJ crew I mentioned above (MyFoxLA winners) in BEAUTIFUL Calabasas, along the 101...Las Virgenes Exit. Spumoni's: 26500 Agoura Rd. (Las Virgenes and Agoura in an easy to access shopping plaza with free parking and nice new place in this upscale and beautiful area.) 9pm. Zuma Dogg will be performing LIVE, and YOU can, too. Come out for some fun as ZD gets back to being himself and not so wound up as a round the clock activist.

Zuma Warms Up For Friday Night's Party

"Common, let the good...times...roll. Let the GOOD times, roll." - Ric Ocasek

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