Tuesday, October 6, 2009

WANTED: VOTER OUTRAGE in City of Los Angeles -- ALL Majorities and Minorities encouraged to apply!

[Pictured: Let him know how you like his fucking piano playing, next time you see him at the grocery store, council meeting, or public event. I bet you're a much better player than me Eric, but I'm probably much more entertaining and the crowd would probably like my playing more than your pretty-boy, pompous ass ivory tickling. I CAN PLAY HELL'S BELLS ON PIANO, ERIC. I'M PLAYING IT FOR YOU NOW!]

Well, the good news is, when I started on my "punish the mayor and city council" campaign three and a half years ago, it felt a lot lonelier, because there wasn't the level of awareness as to what a bunch of dumb, rudderless and spineless cowards are in charge of all the money and public safety, who are running the city: Between the mayor and Janice Hahn, Richard Alarcon, Garshady (Coruptacetti), Cardenas -- the whole lot of them...it was frustrating that they were getting a pass, with most of the masses.

Now, ZD feels satisfied that the masses now too know exactly who and what they are and ARE the citywide and even nation wide laughing stock, jackass clowns as they revealed themselves to me as, very early on.

And as Zuma Dogg continues to be a recognized poster boy for anti-City Hall outrage, on a day to day basis, the coffee shop barista knows what I am about and just gave me a good quote that inspired this post:

It is every Americans right and responsibility to throw off an oppressive or corrupt government.

Respectfully yours,
Thos. Jefferson

How about "UN-Respectfully submitted" to a bunch of recklessly inept and irresponsible due to cowardly lack of leadership and an overall low-grade of character sub-cretins. Garcetti would try to have you arrested for saying the things our founding forefathers said.

Anyway, Zuma Dogg really feels we are at the "Tipping Point" as they say. I'm gonna write about it and call it "The Boiling Point," AND I FEEL THE TIME IS NOW TO SCOLD THEIR ASS!

I REFUSE TO START SCHELPIN' DOWN TO EACH AND EVERY COUNCIL MEETINGS, THOUGH. (Quantum Physics is now preventing it as much as it facilitated it the previous three years.)

I'm going to try and post some things I would like to see happen and some things we can maybe do. I'm always trying to evolve and innovate and stay one step ahead of the curve and go to where the hockey puck is going to be, not where it is.

There is good momentum across the city.But I think we REALLY need to come together and consolidate and REALLY shake their shady tree -- until they are under such a cloud of gloomy depression, each and every day that they will all have to take anti-depressant medication simply to be able to make it through the meeting the way I think Garcetti may already have had to resort to. (Just kidding, Eric...MAYBE?) He does look whacked out of his skull some days more than others.

FIRST THING I WOULD DO, is when you see a council member or the mayor in public at an appearance, let them know what a crappy job you think they are doing. Ask them which side of public safety are they on. Just fun little passive aggressive stuff like that. Shout them down if they are at a photo op/press conference. "Boo" them mildly, if that is all you are comfortable doing. You can go MUCH FURTHER as protected under the first amendment, as most people realize or are even comfortable with and most people would never cross that line even under the conditions I mentioned, above.

These Councilmembers and Antonio Villaraigosa (L.A. City mayor) deserve to be showered with figurative tomatoes, every step they take in public. They should be shouted down publicly to the fullest extent as allowed by law. AND IT SHOULD BE TAKEN UP TO THE EDGE OF THE ENVELOPE THE WAY ZUMA DOGG DOES, BY ALL OF YOU...ALL THE TIME!

Do not feel sorry for them. These are cold, calculated, greedy, obsessed and out of control people. I consider each of the 14 councilmembers and Villaraigosa to be a threat to overall public safety. The only way you can motivate them is by having a big, giant dagger of bad PR hanging over their head. Humiliation is the only thing they understand. Because it scares them that they might not get elected to higher office.

Even if you see them in their personal lives, at the grocery store; restaurant; movie theater; local event or mall...YOU SHOULD LET THEM KNOW HOW YOU FEEL IN THE MOST DOWN GRADING AND HUMILIATING WAY YOU CAN CLEVERLY AND CREATIVELY THINK OF. (THEY HATE THAT!)

AND LET EVERYONE ELSE AROUND YOU KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THEM. That is your right if you are in the United States. You cannot cause a disruption to a point where you are blocking or impeding or preventing something...


TIME THEY FULLY FEEL THE EXTENT OF PUBLIC OUTRAGE AND HOW OUT OF LINE THESE ARROGANT AND OUT OF TOUCH, DESPERATE MONEY-GRABBERS ARE. Greed like this ALWAYS ENDS IN INDICTMENTS AND YOU CANNOT ESCAPE FORCES OF KARMA. (Even though O.J. was "innocent" he had to leave town over "karma" and it all eventually caught up with him. You don't always need a judge to convict these "criminals" as some of the people have been calling them during the open to the public city council meetings.

Zuma Dogg says the time is now, and it's about to get real uncomfortable for a bunch of worthless assholes.

Did you notice the day after I had enough of the way Villar is wasting LAPD resources, and I changed my opinion 180 degrees from NO hiring freeze to HIRING FREEZE and blogged hard about it on Sunday...the next day council comes out saying they are thinking of the hiring freeze, including talk of furloughs?

I'm not saying, at all, it was in response to my blogging. But I'm saying I have been talking about collective consciousness and quantum physics as the source of the information being presented to me that is being perceived as prophetical. I've been good at sensing the vibe in the air. And that's what served me in my radio career. I didn't need the research to know what worked. I just needed research to prove it to the other corporate executives who didn't have the "street vibe."

And it's the same force that has been jamming me with all the things people liked to hear from the public comment podium, when many times I was pulling stuff out of my empty ski cap, just to rock the boat...BUT THEN IT ENDS UP COMING TRUE, SHORTLY THEREAFTER.

So if ZD is getting that "Five Minutes To Wapner" feeling on this (outrage against Villaradouchbag and Council), then Zuma Dogg says Council better batton down the hatches and get ready for it to be about as uncomfortable as it was for David Nahai this week. THAT'S GOING TO BE YOU LOSERS, EVERYDAY!

This time next year, they won't even be able to walk around in public at their own special events they will be so unpopular and it will be so uncomfortable, although safe and legally compliant.

GET STARTED IN THE LEGALLY COMPLIANT WAY, AS PROTECTED UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION. And if you think you are going to be seeing the mayor in person, somewhere, or that ass-clown Garcetti...have a copy the U.S. Constitution in your pocket and hand it to them when you see it and say, "Here, schmuck....read this for the first time."

AND IF YOU REALLY WANT TO RUIN THEIR DAY AND HIT THEM WITH A BELOW THE BELT SUCKER PUNCH...just say, "You know, I thought that Zuma Dogg was a crazy idiot, but when you look around the city, I don't know....?" Then just laugh like you're making a light joke.


They deserve it. They know exactly what they are doing, and I think Herb Wesson also needs to be mentioned specifically by name, as well. SHAME ON YOU HERB WESSON. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. AND YOU BETTER DO START DOING SOMETHING TO SAVE YOUR SOUL NOW! It ain't gonna go good for you on Judgement Day. (But aren't you slick, Herb? Not in my book.) -- See, stuff like that.

Here's what I would like to see happen and would head right down to city hall for a day's worth of public comments, if I were ever to see this:

Have about 100-150 people go to the council meeting and sit in the bleachers, all scattered throughout.

When they start a discussion on the first item, right after public comment, just start booing the first time Richard Alarcon starts talking. Just "boo." Don't start yelling and screaming or saying anything specific. Just start booing in unison.

Now the President, whoever is sitting in will try and quiet you down, but of course keep booing.

So the police, who are ALL good guys in the chamber, these days, and this is not about them, and I mean it when I say the LEAST problem in city hall and the most fair, not out to get you, but do what you need done people in City Hall are the cops in the chambers watching the rope and the meeting, overall. So don't ever disrespect them, or give them a hard time, and as soon as they tell you something once...that's when you are "tagged" like in "duck, duck goose" and have to be a quiet boy or girl for a while.


Well, two or three of them can't quiet down 100-150 people all at once. So they will go up to an area and try to shush a general zone. But KEEP BOOING STILL.

THEN, they will have to walk over to ONE INDIVIDUAL PERSON and ask them to be quiet (and remember, stay seated the whole time...do not stand up when you are booing. Stay seated the whole time and scattered throughout the bleachers, and try to be toward the center/inside of the row.)

So they will go up to you, or one person and ask them to be quiet. So then you have to be quiet. 1 down...149 to go. The cops will give you a chance to comply and make sure you don't go beyond that. BUT OVERALL, the 100-150 people as you saw last week with the crowd that was very rowdy and they had to call the meeting into recess.

Or maybe have people in the crowd just boo randomly, throughout the meeting. It would be annoying. But there really wouldn't be able to be much they could do about it.

I'm saying this stuff as "Art of War" strategy. Not just sour grapes trouble-making. You gotta shake 'em up and run a "Control Alt Delete" on their brains and make 'em realize the game is over and now they are stuck doing things they way they are supposed to be doing them without dumb Janice Hahn shady smoke and mirror talk.

The city has no business pushing as much business through the agenda, as they do at most meetings. Sometimes, they have 50, 60 items. THAT'S USUALLY WAY TOO MUCH BUSINESS AND THAT'S THE REASON THESE DOLT CMs DON'T EVEN USUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE VOTING ON AND WHY EVERYTHING IS A BIG MESS AND OUT OF CONTROL.

And I'm not sure if soft-hearted, professional-liar political clowns like Alarcon would know how to save it, if they wanted to. (Alarcon, you are almost as arrogant as Garcetti, twice as pompous and three times as dumb as even Miriam Folgler who you can't even fool, clown-ass.

The poor people of CD 7 who are stuck with such a low grade, slime bag as a representative. They obviously have no idea what he is doing behind their back or they would be surrounding his home and asking for their money back.

He is so deep and comfotable in his auto-corruption, he becomes so soft, he can't do anything but what your corrupt money backer tells you to do and he hits the button and flails around whines and snivles, but the spoiled brat ain't getting his way anymore because the FBI is watching and there is no money left anyway for his mafiosa-style money pilfering tactics.

PEOPLE...YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE IT SO UNCOMFORTABLE...the people who RUN these city councilmembers will even get the point, and Greiggie Smith (Mrs Dumbfire) can go back and say, "Look, we just can't get away with that anymore like we used to." It's just like any dumb gang that gets sloppy. You end up calling too much attention to yourself and the whole operation gets busted.

And finally, here's the kind of stuff you need to start saying to them at public comment and in person at the Special Events they throw for themselves to show up and campaign for bigger popularity at, as they waive the fees: Go up to Garcetti, or La Bong, or whoever and say, "Wow, Garcetti sure looks happy and arrogant today. He must have really cut some kind of super shady deal that he knows he's getting away with behind the public's back."

You can say that during public comment if you say it that way. Just don't say, "Eric, you sure look arrogant and pompous today." You have to say, "Eric sure looks arrogant and pompous, today." Get it. You aren't addressing him directly. You are merely giving your public opinion ABOUT Eric.

Or say, "Wow, looking at Dennis Zine, I can see it really doesn't require much to be councilmember. They should make you have to take some kind of basic intelligence test first to make sure you even know how to read the agenda." You know, stuff like that.


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