Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Zuma Dogg Bringing His L.A. City Fraud, Waste & Abuse Message to "MANCOW's" NATIONAL MORNING DRIVE Talk Radio Audience : This Friday!

ZUMA DOGG BRINGS HIS L.A. CITY (AND CALIFORNIA) FRAUD, WASTE & ABUSE MESSAGE TO NATIONAL MORNING DRIVE TALK SHOW AUDIENCE, THIS FRIDAY: Yes, the problems of Los Angeles have finally become the problems of the nation, and so when it is time to talk about all the shenanigans going on in Los Angeles, "WHO YOU GONNA CALL?....ZUMA DOGG!" So I will be opening up the whole can of worms on MORNING DRIVE NATIONAL AIRWAVES THIS FRIDAY on the Mancow Radio Show.

The show broadcasts to the ninth largest radio audience in the United States. I'm going to be sure to let people in the U.S know how City Council blew the medical marijuana ban and we now have over 1000 permanent marijuana collectives (as long as they follow state law), "SO MOVE OUT TO LOS ANGELES!!! YOU CAN BUY POT IN STORES ALL OVER THE PLACE, WITH MORE LOCATIONS THAN STARBUCKS AND COFFEE BEAN, COMBINED. And will maybe mention all the water main breaks. I'll try to get as much in as possible in the short five minute segment. MANCOW.com

Check the line-up: Andrew Breitbart, Zuma Dogg, Newt Gingrich and George Wendt.

October 21
Andrew Breitbart
October 23
Zuma Dogg
October 26
Newt Gingrich
October 26
George Wendt

RESTORE LA: Zuma Dogg has joined alliances with a newly formed Political Action Committee (PAC) in Los Angeles called, RestoreLA (RestoreLA.com). They will have their own projects that I will be working with them on (for example helping to support grass roots candidates in County and City elections) -- and is a proper vehicle to contribute to Zuma Dogg for his political activities. Restore LA wants to hire me for projects and wants me to be able to get paid to write and produce and keep being "ZD the Activist" and this can be a proper vehicle for that.

So you can start contributing, right away, because they have already started raising money and have already raised thousands of dollars already, paid for a room for me to recuperate in today (complete with wi-fi).

The organizer told me he has been trying to raise money to help keep me going, but since I am political, people are concerned of the "lobbying" issues that they can turn it into and all the legal issues when you are political. So, if you want have wanted to support my activities in a more structured, legally compliant way (a non-profit PAC committe), this is a good vehicle.

See the website here and I'll post the audio of Zuma Dogg on Mancow (national morning drive talk show) after it airs.

NEW VIDEO: My favorite in a long time. From L.A. City Inaugural Ceremony. Zuma Dogg & The New Mrs. Zuma Dogg sing "Man in the Mirror' with FULL Gospel Choir. ZumaShow.com

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