Saturday, October 3, 2009

Zuma Dogg (Crisis Emergency) Twitter Posts, Some HARD Political Blogging and Reflections of a Hollywood Pop Culture Icon.

Wow, you sure get a mixed bag today in the Zuma Dogg Twitter Update for today. The main thing is my back and neck are twisted from last night and I can't move too much without pain, while broker than ever and body parts start to not function too well when you don't eat enough, if you know what I'm sayin'; and the bitterness of my physical pain and deterioration on the streets of L.A. 24/7, as I am CLEARLY in a dangerous rut that I cannot get out of, causes me to reflect back on some of the better times, that always ends up being bitter times, anyway. How can they NOT be when you are deteriorating on the streets after all of this hoopla.


It's getting worse, fast. I can't hang on. It's going south, SO FAST. It's all unraveled. No phone, no food, no cash, can't move. It's OVER!

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need to get into a BED ASAP...I can't even move. My back and neck has debilitated me. Can't move much.


Reggie Miller, Emiio Estevez, A Sandler, Dan Cortese, Courtney Cox-Arqloser, Stone Temple Pilots, Brody/Spenser click: Some known ZD fans.

Carmen Trutanich and Adam Sandler both have a lot in common, or at least one thing and I can't get over the bitterness. SORRY!

I've had a lot of Academy/Emmy/Grammy Winners praise my efforts, but Dennis Franz saying, "Keep doing what you're doing," was a highlight!

On these days I'm sinking fast, I tend to relive memories of my radio days and Zuma Dogg days. It's kinda like Forrest Gump, only bitter.

Was having dinner with former KIIS-FM GM. He asked me about station's problems. Next month, saw BILLBOARDS of my strategy in exact words.

I have literally created millions and millions of dollars of personal wealth for others through my mere dinner conversations with them.

If I promise anyone that I will give them a job if elected to something, start counting the money, because I don't say what I don't mean!

If you don't see any blogging/tweets from ZD for more than 24 hrs, I didn't retire or take a vacation. My mom lives in Florida. She's lucky.

Things were pretty bad this week (broke,hungry, homeless) but now my neck and back is all jacked up and I can barely walk. SINKING FAST!

It's a CRISIS EMERGENCY situation for Zuma Dogg on the streets of L.A. today. My phone is out and my body is giving out. Not enough food.

ZUMA DOGG REQUEST: COMPASSIONATE CHIROPRACTOR NEEDED - Yes, I talk about my hunger and sleep deprivation and stress...

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