Monday, October 5, 2009

Zuma Dogg Monday Morning Blog Update

"Zuma Dogg Fights City Hall" (Part 3)

[Pictured: Here a blast from the past photo to go with this blast from the past audio. Ah, the memories!]


Official Zuma Dogg Jingle Shout

Springsteen Parody Commercial For "Verizon" (by Zuma Dogg & The E Street Band)

Zuma Dogg - As U Can See (Original Smash Hit by ZD)

Zuma Dogg - Vote You Down

Zuma Dogg - I Am Big ZD (Original Hit Single)

Alright, it was a turbulent weekend for me as I reflect back on nine intense years of "Zuma Dogg" and come to grips that it ain't gonna get any better than this (broke-homelessness) while being hammered by non-stop praise for my creative output in a way no one ever has in public that I can't stop or walk away from. So I have to just accept I am a "once in a lifetime creative phenomenon no one has ever seen before," but will live out the rest of the journey in physical pain and general hunger on the streets until I just drop one day. I'm coming to grips with it. Here's some of the blogging I needed to do, over the weekend, to try and move through the process. What's sick, is my blog views are on FIRE and all the post are ranking high up on the BlogNetNews ranker and all the personal stuff about ZD and my crisis is read more than the political stuff. And I noticed the name "Zuma Dogg" in the headline makes the post rank higher. For example, the headline, "Zuma Dogg says Villaraigosa and City Council Needs to Addresss Bankruptcy Issues," that will rank way higher than "Villaraigosa and City Council Needs to Address Bankruptcy Issues." So I used to like to rub it in that ZD is bigger than the mayor and city council in the public eye, but looks like it's actually true. So I guess I just have to accept I am the living legend people tell me I am, and try not to drop dead on the streets from stress and no nutrition. Because the point is clear to me, I am too burnt and down and out and degenerate to be able to help myself, and I'm not the kind of guy people will rally to help get off the street like other people because I appear so awesome and amazing you figure I should be able to help myself. I've been trying to tell you...I can't do it anymore and I'm a real sinking ship. I know it's pathetic in your mind and you DON'T understand it. Well, there are a lot of things I don't understand about OTHER people and why YOU can't do what I do. So I guess were even. Sad nevertheless and it's not fun to admit I am not able to survive in society anymore.

So here's the blogging about the past nine years of way too many accolades for one mild mannered, regular guy. Most of it you can just skip the content below unless you are interested in creating a ZD screenplay or writing my bio. There are a couple political items mixed in. But mainly, it feels like "City Hall" is generally out of my system. PLEASE HELP ME KEEP IT OUT AND PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM YOUR ACTIVIST EMAIL BLASTS ABOUT CITY HALL/NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL ISSUES.


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