Monday, October 5, 2009

The "Zuma Dogg Strategy" For Reviving Zuma Dogg Back To Somewhat of a Real World

You know, I just typed up this email to someone in response to their offer to help me with some real "fundraising" idea because they seem to think they have some good ideas that they think I probably won't like, but I am ready to stop producing and start listening to the managers and agents. This letter says it all about what I need to start doing MORE of, now that I am finally able to do "less of" some other stuff. More later, but please don't be nauseated by the hard ZD sell in this. It is to a supporter of mine and I am helping to give him/her some ammo to try and sell me to some folks. And I think my FRIENDS will LIKE reading this. More blogging later, but I'm back to Zuma Central where the streets have no name along PCH which is where I can now be, once again, since I'm not racing to council meetings and all around town. And at the end of the day, where a citywide carpetbagger returns to feel apart of a community, not the much bigger THE community.


Right now, i'm in palisades area which is great for me. i want to talk about the fundraising ideas. i am going to put my tv show on in malibu (a commercial half hour show) and promote an appearance with ZD and Matt Dowd on guitar (he's one of the world's best, don't be fooled by his public comment) and try to ring pavlov's dogg's bell and see if the people in malibu can support a gig where it's worth it to the owner to pay ZD and Matt a couple hundred.

So in other words, for $10 for a half hour show, I can run whatever I want (basically a classic ZD show...BACK after three years in Malibu/Palisades/Agoura/Calabasas) and I can advertise/promote the gigs (and ZD shirts/DVDs/etc) throughout the show,like a full infomercial.

And also try to get some gigs in L.A. after all of this exposure in the media over the past nine and even more so three years.

I haven't focused on anything but PURE ACTIVISM on a day-to-day, round the clock basis for three years. No contacting Hollywood agents or producers or trying to do anything but the day to day grind and all the related blogging and phone conversations and city council and other meeting attendance, plus on hold for all the radio calls.

So now I have to come out of the studio and go on tour. Which also means, doing what I used to do all my life, which took me from Ohio to NYC and then LA: Send out letters to corporate people and managers who I want to target with my ideas and innovations.

It's all I've ever had -- and it's the only ticket I have ever been able to ride.

So maybe there are people who now know Zuma Dogg and all I have investigated, figured out, predicted and warned of -- that people are now see is all coming true and playing out in real time as pipes explode, people have HAD IT with the Mayor and City Council and the city is facing emergency budget talks trying to prevent the inevitable loss of jobs and services.

People know about my innovative management consulting knowledge and practioning under the tutelage of Dr. W. Edwards Deming (14 Points) and while some knucklehead bloggers may experts and executives throughout the city and county and country and world know EXACTLY who Deming is and his 14 Points, and ANY top expert in the world who reads my interpretation will be thoroughly pleased and impressed that it is part of my background that I bring with me to the table and to any operation or function.

Besides the training and international praise of my interpretation of Deming's internationally recognized, "Methods for Management of Quality and Productivity," I have been recognized by top international marketing consultants and internationally published authors on the topic of "marketing strategy," as having a firm grasp of the concepts and being able to articulate and apply them to real life situations, myself.

So besides the "quality management" training and application, I also have an amazing track record on a nation level in the radio and record industry as being a phenomenal marketing strategist, and I'm not throwing around the word, "phenomenal" superfluously.

I have spent hundreds of hours in seminar rooms, live and in person with Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, W. Edwards Deming and his top team of training experts, Al Ries, Jack Trout and other internationally recognized authors and consultants in the area of performance, communication, psychology and quantum physics. (Plus hundreds of hours reading their books and listening and watching tapes and video seminars including rare bootlegs of the "GOOD" stuff.)

It's all been practiced throughout my radio career and the final training I bring to the table as an executive, consultant, writer and speaker is my experience as a market research director (ultimately referred to as "research guru," but I hate that term)with emphasis on my career in New York City working for America's biggest radio station WHTZ/Z-100 and as Manager of Broadcast Data Systems and Director of Charts for Billboard in the Viacom Times Square building in NYC.

So I have had the pressure of having to keep these research departments staffed,
operational, and producing quality results and output because mulit-million dollars rides on it. AND, you don't go from Columbus, Ohio (where I created my first "in-house" market research department, where I took the business out of the hands of the long time professional company and the stations ratings SOARED, and I was off on my career across the country in radio (Columbus, Toledo, Kansas City, Washington, D.C., Houston, NYC and L.A.).

But New York was the most valuable time spent as a market researcher executive, due to the size of the market, of course and how much information you are privileged to from across the country in these national and international positions.

And you top it off with the "street level" vibe I have never walked away from throughout it all. Yes, I was the executive in the suit and tie who would leave the VIP box at the stadium with all the big shots to go stand on the field with the real crowd. I didn't want to miss the real fun, or miss out on the GIANT focus group that these concerts actually are to Zuma Dogg.

Even when I was living in Rush Limabaugh's condo building in NY at the time, I would still be out on the street, doing constant market research at the street level -- all night after work and on weekends.

And that's served me well as a pop culture icon and never more so as a City Hall activist who just predicted everything and was right about it all. MOSTLY, because I am out there on the street and in meetings and being "street" round the clock.

So I need to come out of the studio, because I've been nothing but "artist" for the past three years -- and better part of nine years...try to emerge from the wreckage, and try to be the "agent" of Zuma Dogg and try and contact all the top level people that I feel I have something to offer as the innovative, ahead of the curve, genius, soothsayer phenomenon; while I also try to get some basis performing gigs in the right places and get Zuma back on the road.

Of course, I say all of this with $10 in my pocket and 3 hours sleep and I'm delirious and can't move.

But there's a nice little resume and pitch for some people and I should sent it to them.

And you can, too. And either email me ( about the fundraising ideas, or call me 213-785-7272.

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