Friday, October 9, 2009

Zuma Report NEWS WIRE for Friday Night (Friday Evening News)

Today's Most Clicked POSTS - Blog Net News (10/09/09) (100 CA blogs reporting.)

Zuma Dogg, bigger than the Dodgers, Nobel Committee talk, Assemblymembers and Presidents or solar! The number in brackets is the number of "page clicks from the BNN home page. Whatever the numbers represent, 100 state blogs are in this ranking and you can see the 44 number is out front, pretty good, from the others.
  • Dodgers and Angels win (39)
  • Van Tran picks his horse (34)
  • There He Is.... Mister A-MER-I-CA!: Nobel Committee Now Officially Not Worth the Dynamite It Would Take to Blow Them Away (34)
  • October 8 Open Thread (32)
  • Assemblymember Dan Logue Makes Waves - Leads Effort to Daylight Job Losses (28)
  • Activist arrested for tweeting at G20 (28)
  • Life in the Necropolis (28)
  • Obama & Gay Rights (27)
  • Solar Decathlon opens today on National Mall, sponsored by DOE (27)
  • The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (24)
  • Friday Morning Hotsheet (24)
  • Drawing lines between faculty and administration (23)
  • White House Moves to Increase FoxNews’ Ratings (21)
  • WHAT??? Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize (21)

Zuma called me his ghost writer in a previous post. Though he agreed that he would not have said things like I posted them, he also agreed that for the most part were in his heart.

Okay today I sent him a very small amount of money....and then I called him and asked if he had receipt. He confirmed that and was most appreciative, but at the same time telling me that he would save it until tomorrow as he thought that he could get one more night on the streets without totally crashing.

My words to him were (after telling him a loud Zuma voice to shut up and listen), get the room tonight, you do not need to crash and then have to recover from doing that to yourself. The money I gave him only will cover a "we no tell" motel. Not the Ritz Carlton in LA that is scheduled to open.

YOU GUYS maybe need to pay attention. He is not seeking big bucks to survive, only us little people with little bucks. It was my payday today, so I could make a personal
donation. And you? Where are you at? I would hate to think that the majority of the readers on his blog are politicians who want to see him fail. I know that I am not.


Zuma Show - News Wire (Show Prep)

The agenda for City Council Meeting - Friday dated Friday, 09 October 2009 has been archived. Access it here: Download File

A behind-the-scenes look at Michael Jackson creating and rehearsing for the sold-out concerts that would have taken place in London. (Other)Sony Music says the song will have its premiere late Monday, at midnight, on .

Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) -- California’s revenue collections trailed its forecasts by $1.1 billion over the first three months of the fiscal year, showing new deficits are emerging in the budget Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed July 28.

via Curbed LA by Dakota on 10/9/09

2009.08.ademlan.jpg Via the LA Times: "Los Angeles County prosecutors have declined to file charges against a former high-ranking Los Angeles city official who was under police investigation for allegedly raping a woman at his downtown condominium, authorities said. Andrew Adelman, former general manager of the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, was placed on administrative leave in August by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa when the allegation became public. Several weeks ago, Adelman tendered his resignation.‬‪" More via the Times' Andrew Blankstein.

Perhaps better known as his alter ego Jack Bauer on Fox’s hit thriller series, 24, Kiefer Sutherland has enthralled audiences since 2001 in the second longest-running espionage series in television history. The Brit-born actor’s portrayal of a trained and talented government agent working for the CTU and most recently the FBI, has won him Emmy [...]

James Tyrell Harris, 46, surrendered to police. He is suspected of misappropriating $85,000 in city funds while serving as chairman of his neighborhood council.

Police on Thursday arrested James Tyrell Harris, a South Los Angeles community activist and previously convicted felon, on suspicion of misappropriating $85,000 in city funds while serving as chairman of his neighborhood council.

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ZUMA DOGG LIVE ONAIR TEST PODCAST TONIGHT AT 9pm12 hour Taking your calls LIVE646 3814750 Well test it out Could be short ZumaShowcom. RECENT POSTS ...

L.A.'s district attorney warned medical-marijuana dispensaries they are "on notice."

Cooley says the vast majority of medical marijuana dispensaries in the county are operating illegally.

Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley said Thursday he will prosecute medical marijuana dispensaries for over-the-counter sales, targeting a practice that has become commonplace under an initiative approved by California voters more than a decade ago.

via Google Alerts - zuma-dogg by Zuma Dogg on 10/9/09
Related Reading by Zuma Dogg...his greatest work ever, in his opinion, including uncovering pension money was invested in Grand Ave Project (CRA) and that it would never get off the ground, which it hasn't but I was told I was ...
Zuma Report -

via Ron Kaye L.A. by Ron Kaye on 10/9/09
The new city budget year began July 1 with a $500 million hole in it and the promise that payroll cuts, parking structure sales and other measures would close the gap with temporary borrowing of a sum equal to the deficit.

via LA Observed by Kevin Roderick on 10/9/09

Did the Los Angeles County sheriff's department break the law by obtaining and poring over the phone records of TMZ editor Harvey Levin, looking for evidence that a deputy leaked Mel Gibson's arrest file? Media groups say yes, the department says no. "That's illegal," Lucy Dalglish, an attorney and executive director of the Virginia-based Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, told the L.A. Times. "Most law enforcement agencies know it's illegal . . . or have a hard time getting a judge signing off on it." Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore says a judge did sign off on it, after a prosecutor said it was OK: "What we did we believe was legal." Ah, but there's more in the story:

Legal experts said the California Constitution protects journalists from being forced to reveal their sources.

State law, they said, also bars judges from issuing search warrants for unpublished information that is gathered by reporters....

She noted that Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley has a written policy on search warrants, which says they "cannot be used to obtain the source of any news information."

"He feels strongly about not infringing upon a reporter's rights," Gibbons said.

No charges were filed against a deputy involved in the Gibson case who was found to have made calls to Levin.

A Republican senator asks for more time to review it and consider amendments.

Homeboy Industries and Ralphs Grocery announce a partnership whereby Ralphs will be the first supermarket to sell signature salsas from Homegirl Café at its downtown Los Angeles supermarket.

Traders exited long positions to book profits in gold futures ahead of the weekend and in response to a stronger U.S. dollar.

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