Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I will be analyzing the Apollo stories which I have been following and covering on this blog as part of PensionGATE. This could be the big one Elizabeth. Will check it out and weigh in later.

ALSO: NEW ZumaSHOW (10.27 - 9pm Edition) See BlogTalkRadio widget on right. It's an update on Zuma Dogg and covers some Marianne Williamsom/Deepak Chopra/Wayne Dyer stuff, but is mostly an update on my condition. MOST NOTABLY, I am in a small hotel room for a week, with wi-fi. It's noisy, though, so I'll see if I'll be able to get that sleep. But at least I'm off the street for a week. But there's a new half hour up there now. Here are the stories I pulled off the internet that I will be looking at. CHECK THE PENSION STORIES, TOO.

LAPD: For what's it's worth, now that we know the 3 LAPD candidates Villaragiosa will be evaluating for Chief to replace Bratton: I don't know the other two, but I've met Chief of Staff Jim McDonnell a couple times, have seen him at a question and answer session and I REALLY, REALLY like the guy and think he is an outstanding character and most people would probably like him better than Bratton as a personality. And I don't know what happens between closed doors, or the politics of it, but I really feel the guy understands the extreme diversity of this city and can represent a compassionate and fair voice, is thoughtful and mindful and wants to do things right. So again, I don't know the other three, and I don't know much about Jim, but from the couple times I've seen him in action in the community...I FEEL THE CITY WILL GET A SENSE OF CONFIDENCE WITH HIM AT THE HELM AND ALTHOUGH HE'S GOT ONE OF THOSE BOSTON ACCENTS, TOO...I THINK HE'S GOT THE ABILITY TO MAKE THE CITY FEEL CONFIDENT AS A PUBLIC FACE OF LAPD AS WELL.


Subject: Loved The Show, Z To The D!


Killer radio show you rocked out tonight, brother!!

I told my wife all about you and how we met in Venice at the Lincoln Blvd internet cafe
back in 2007...

Man, I am real glad to hear you've got a place to sleep for the week. I check in on your blog from time to time to see how you're doing... cause I've always thought something special was going on with your life (even despite your being homeless)... and well, hey... I'm always down for a good laugh...and man, not many people in life ever made me laugh as hard as YOU can (and have) in those city council meetings...the Gene Simmons bit was CLASSIC!

But listen, all jokes aside...

You NEED to drink more water throughout the day, and definitely get some SLEEP.

I can't help you out with any financial help at this time... but I am rooting for you and like I've said, there is a big MOVIE that's to come from all of your adventures. I don't truly know your entire story... but I just wanted to let you know that a lot of people (including ME) do give a shit about your life, and I pray for you whenever I can.

Keep the faith, cause you're talking to someone who spent two years on the streets of Los Angeles, so I know a thing or two about the subject (talkin Skid Row y'all!)... but hey, what doesn't kill you ONLY makes you stronger.

Take it easy,

[Great to hear from RC who I met at the internet cafe I used to hang out at. He's a rock and roller that wasn't into city politics and he moved out of the state. So it's fun and interesting to get an email like this from a COMPLETE outside stranger who was blogging about heavy metal at the same internet cafe.]

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