Sunday, November 1, 2009

Zuma Mini-Sunday Update

NOTE: Oops, hit the "publish post" button accidentally before I was done with this post, so we'll leave it at this, until I put up some new stuff later.

GOTTA LOVE MARY (Aka: Nutty Scummins): When I was a kid, I used to like to read the Sunday comics in the newspaper for fun. These days, it's obsessively, nutty emails from Mary the Catlady (Aka: Nutty Scummins). She sends me all these emails from a different email account, under a different name almost every day. AND SHE DOESN'T REALIZE HOW OBVIOUS SHE MAKES IT THAT IT IS HER EVERY TIME BECAUSE SHE BRINGS UP THE SAME NUTTY KIND OF STUFF THAT NO OTHER HUMAN BEING IN THE WORLD COULD POSSIBLY CARE ABOUT, LET ALONE EVEN CROSS THEIR MIND. But most people are not life-crippling, emotionally and mentally ill. So here's a fun one from today from "Nutty Scummins" who some of you know as "Mary," whose nuttiness is so entrenched in her DNA that she doesn't realize she reveals herself every time, which is why it is all so entertaining. (Now, I will get an email saying, "I don't know you are referring to, but I assure you I am just someone who...blah, blah, blah..." And then she will scorn me with, "How dare you make that claim, Zuma Dogg. You should be ashamed of yourself..blah, blah, blah....and LOL, LOL, LOL! Hi Mary! From you friendly neighborhood Zuma Kitty. (Don't want to set her off with the "D" word.)

Here's what this person, who certainly is not Mary I am SURE, is sitting around thinking about and sending out emails about:

"I am confused. I thought you were "recharging your batteries" in order to do something good for the city, rather than put together old clips of yourself from 15 years ago. I'm cool with this either way. "

[NO, you're NOT cool either way. You are mentally and emotionally-ill, NUTTY, either way. Of course how we always know it is Mary is because stuff is all twisted and out of context: General Bad Reading Comprehension Syndrome. I think it is because she is so angry and desperate and outraged that she can't even focus or concentrate on what she reads. And for the record, don't think I said I was recharging my batteries in order to do something good for the city. I think I am trying to return to the life I once had and get off the street which is the key to everything. And they are clips from 9 years ago, not 15 -- and YES, you bet your ass...if I come across clips that have never been posted, I am going to post them for the record. Remember, the main thing I said, if anything, is that my life became to narrowly focused on "activism" (L.A. City politics) and I want to get back to more balance in my life as a person and an artist. And A LOT more people want to hear this Howard Stern clips stuff than want to hear about a DWP MOU.

I wonder why she thinks I need to re-charge my batteries to do something "good for the city." I was dying on the streets and I wanted to get into a room, whether I wanted to do good, or not. And when I do stabilize and am able to move ahead with more energy...I ain't TRYIN' to "do good for the city.' YOU REALLY ARE CRAZY AND YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND MUCH, NUT CASE. LOL! Now go take on the day (with your insane kitty cat posse and no human being.)

New ZumaSHOW from Sat night: Previously un-posted clip of Howard Stern playing ZD clip AND VEGAS Homie from H.M.E. Entertainment (Hustler's Movement Entertainment) calls in LIVE from Vegas Strip and busts some freestyle flows with Uncle MC Zuma Dogg and discusses L.A.'s Medijuana shops all over the hizzy in the city for shizzy. LOL!

AND ON THE SERIOUSLY MINDFUL GLOBAL ECONOMIC AND DEMOCRATIC TIP: Zuma Dogg introduces you to his PensionGATE insider who we find out is much more than that. This is a must listen, very compelling radio show with "Gary" from Del Mar, CA who worked for DeBeers, Wetherly Capital (on retainer as consultant) and breaks down a very big, shady and mind-blowing, enlightening conversation. CLICK HERE

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