Thursday, November 5, 2009

KNBC BUSTS L.A. City Councilmembers for being the shady, bumbling, dumb hypocrites that they are (ZUMA DOGG'S FAVORITE STORY IN THREE YEARS)

More Local Politicians (L.A. Shitty Clowncil's Wesson, Smith, Hahn, Con) Caught Violating LA's Water Restrictions

I hope you saw the KNBC story about L.A. City Councilmembers who ended up INCREASING their water usage, rather than reducing it, during mandatory reduction demands by the city and DWP. (What do you expect, they are always moving in the wrong direction.)

Tom Brokaw said on his last evening news broadcast said something like, "it's not what they did that gets them in trouble, but what they say in response."

And in this transcript from last night's story, Zuma Dogg would like to thank Grieggy Smith, Herb Wesson, Janice Hahn and Richard "Alarclown" alarCON for providing me with more laughs than I have had in a long time. And they have finally been revealed to the rest of the city as the dumb, inept, lying and shady clowns that they are. HA HA...ZUMA DOGG IS LAUGHING IN YOUR FACE, YOU SHAMEFUL CLOWNS.

AND cowardly disgrace: He says he can't provide his DWP bill to KNBC because he is a renter and the owner pays the DWP bill. Good for Joel Grover for reminding Alarclown that the owner is his wife. LOL!!! Nice try Dick alaCLOWN. And Janice, Herb, Grieg...I think ZD has a new script for a modern day version of the Emperor's New Clothes...STARRING ALL OF YOU DISGRACED, LAUGHING STOCK LOSERS.

From KNBC:

It was last August that NBC4's cameras caught the Mayor of Los Angeles violating the city's water restrictions by running his sprinklers on days that are banned. hypocrites

Now, a new NBC4 investigation catches other local politicians using more than their fair share of water. In a two-month investigation, Joel Grover found some public officials, who've ordered the rest of us to conserve water, aren't be practicing what they preach.

Just as notable, are the excuses some politicians gave NBC4 for using too much water.

Five months ago, the city of Los Angeles put tough new water restrictions into effect, aimed at getting citizens to cut our water use by 15 percent, since the area is in the third year of a drought.

So we asked local politicians to show us how much water they've been using.

By law, it's public information how much water and power is used by any official who makes utility policy, such as the Board of Commissioners of the Department of Water and Power, and the Los Angeles City Council.

NBC4 Investigative reporter Joel Grover asked LA City Councilman Greig Smith, "If you ask the citizens of LA to reduce their water usage, should you do the same?"

Smith replied, "We better."

But when NBC4 obtained Councilman's Smith's latest DWP bill, it showed his water use wasn't down -- but up -- by 13 percent over the same period last summer.

"Are you embarrassed by this bill?" Grover asked Smith.

"Yes, I am," CD 12 L.A. City Councilmember Grieg Smith said. [He should REALLY be embarrased over the pension losses that he denied to Zuma Dogg was happening. We found out, it happened. Grieg knows it all...but look at the results. Guess knowing it all isn't enough. Of course a citywide financial crisis occurred under his "financial" nose as he denied it all to my face, the entire time. Don't worry Grieg, I knew you were full of shit and didn't even know what was happening under your own dumb nose, which is why I showed up every day to tell (warn) you about the pension money. DO YOU THINK I NEEDED YOUR DUMB ASS TO TELL ME IT WASN'T HAPPENING? DUH?]

Smith said his water use was up, because he claims his backyard sprinklers went off every day when he went on a three-week summer vacation. Smith says he suspects someone "fooled with" his sprinklers, but has no proof of that. [It's NEVER his fault. Grieg is the PERFECT human being who has never been wrong and never admits he made a mistake, because he has still never made one. SOMEONE WAS COMMITTED TO TAMPERING WITH HIS SPRINKLERS. MUST BE GANG MEMBERS.]

Whatever his reason [crybaby excuse], Smith is far behind the citizens of Los Angeles overall, who have reduced their water use this summer by 17 percent -- that's even more than the city requested of them.

But LA City Councilman Herb Wesson is not among those citizens who are conserving.

When NBC4 obtained his summer water bill, it showed a 130 percent increase over the same time last year.

At first, Wesson's office blamed it on a water pipe leak in his backyard, which they say was fixed on Aug. 11. But even after the leak was supposedly fixed, Wesson's next water bill, covering mid-August to October, showed an even bigger increase: up 178 percent from the same time last year.

He blamed this increase on "a stream of relatives," who visited from July to early August. NBC4 pointed out to Wesson that his relatives were already gone when his water use spiked again.

"You're still using more than twice the amount of water you did this time last year?" Grover said.

"I honestly don't' know what caused that increase," Wesson said. [Herb, that's the first honest thing I think you have ever said. Of course it was that you don't know. I've said all along that is the problem with council. YOU HONESTLY DON'T KNOW...much, at all.]

Other LA City Councilmember's apparently didn't want us to see that their water use has been up, such as Clowncilwoman Janice "The Con" Hahn.

When she first sent NBC4 her latest DWP bill, the line showing water use for the last year was blacked out. When we finally got the entire bill, and compared this year to last year, it showed Councilwoman Hahn's water consumption was up 26 percent.

She blamed it on her son, who has been staying with her temporarily with his wife and baby. [Again, don't take responsibility...don't take the hit, yourself...drag your son, his wife and their baby into it. That DEMON BABY WATER-WASTER!!! IT WAS THE BABY'S FAULT!!!]

"So my daughter-in-law has been washing clothes 24/7 with that new baby," Hahn said. [HEY HAHN...everyone has a sob story. NO ONE wants to cut back. That's why it's a MANDATORY CONSERVATION...DUH!)

We asked some of Hahn's constituents what they thought of her increased water use.

"I am very disappointed," said Audrey Pollard, who voted for Hahn. "I really thought a lot of her, but I would tell her I don't now." [Welcome to the club, Audrey.]

Just like Hahn, Pollard's grandson has moved in with her, but she says she's still managed to cut back on her water use, by letting her lawn go dead and by taking much shorter showers. [That's because your not as special as Janice. You don't control the ports. Your brother wasn't city attorney. Your last name isn't "Hahn." HOW DARE YOU COMPARE YOURSELF TO HER! SHE IS A COUNCILMEMBER!!!]

We did find some politicians who are seriously conserving, like LA City Councilman Tom LaBonge. His latest DWP bill shows water use at his Silverlake home is down almost 37 percent.

LaBonge says he's conserving, in part, by replacing his landscaping with drought-resistant plants.

"You got to sacrifice a little bit for the good of everybody," LaBonge said. [ pass the ZD PR test. SHOCKER!!! TOM IS THE FIRST ELECTED OFFICIAL IN THE CITY I HAVE EVER SEEN PASS THE TEST!!! Congrats, TOM!]

Since our investigation, some politicians are vowing to try harder to conserve. [JOEL!!! DON'T BE BAMBOOZLED! That's what they always say. They ALWAYS VOW to do things better. But it always gets worse. They are helpless, confused and not really as sharp as you would hope the policy makers and decision makers of the city should be.]

"I'll just have a family meeting tonight and see what we can all do to reduce our usage," Hahn said. [AFTER SHE WAS BUSTED.]

But other politicians still aren't forking over their water usage information to NBC4, like City Councilman Richard Alarcon.

"Are you hiding something," Grover asked the councilman, when he caught up with him at City Hall.

"I'm not hiding anything," Alarcon said. [He says as he attempts to hide everything by saying he can't show a bill, cause he rents and the owner pays the bill...THE OWNER IS HIS WIFE WHO I ASSUME HE SEES EVERYDAY AT SOME POINT...LOL! This guy is the WORST liar in the city...AND the worst Clownciloser.]

When NBC4 first requested that Alarcon send us his DWP bill, his office e-mailed us that they cannot get us his bill, because the councilman rents, and the owner of his home pays the bill. [RICHARD!!! You speak about the importance of home ownership and the American Dream and you are RENTING??? What about all that subprime noise you pushed so your people could attain the American Dream of home ownership. And their leader does not own? Richard, should we vote for a salary INCREASE, instead of a 50% cut, clown? Maybe your daughter can help you out...she's making BIG BUCKS on that new job council approved for her.]

But NBC4 found out Alarcon's wife owns their home. [Yeah, Richie...better to keep everything out of your name. The FEDS can't seize the property, that way. All the PensionGate big shots do it that way, too! Lots of kids and wives own the family homes.)

When Grover confronted the councilman with this fact, he finally agreed to provide us proof of the recent water use at his home within a few days. That pledge was made a week ago, and Alarcon still hasn't given us his DWP bill or any other water-use information.

[Don't feel bad Joel. He told Zuma Dogg the the money lost in the shady, belly-up Children's Museum project was just a "loan" and would be paid back. But the city lost all the money and is facing bankruptcy over these types of decisions that are more orchestrated than accidental. He also told me there wasn't any subprime problem in his district because all the subprime foreclosures were in Riverside.]

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