Saturday, November 21, 2009

LA Daily Blog Reader Mail: "Zuma Dogg, You're Frickin' Brilliant." (ZD Wins Over Another L.A. City Constituent The Hard Way!)

VIEWER MAIL: 11/21/09

Mr. Dogg, I was watching City Hall last Wed for the marijuana Issue, I've never viewed CityView before this.

Anyway I saw you there and my first thoughts were My Gosh, Dustin Diamond is at City hall WTF, then I realized no, your someone else.

After viewing your speeches to the Council I sat there thinking WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST VIEW. Then I looked you up on the internet , watched your zuma tv on youtube and realized my gosh your FRICKIN BRILLIANT.

The way you go and do and say what you want within the law and you know what you can do and how far you can go and if the cops or city officials think they know the law more than you you will embarrass them and or they embarrass themselves for thinking they are above the law when they realize your right.

I haven't seen anything like you since Andy Kaufman. And you make fun of stupidity and idiotic people to their face while bringing up issues that need to be brought up, I get it and I digg it.. Peace, CD 12 Viewer

TWITTER TWEETS (11.21.09 10 AM Update):

# Good morning to Nutty Scummins who is up and posting nutty stuff all over the internet today. The city should de-claw her!

# ZD can now make robo-calls @ 100 per hour. Can INCREASE to 1000. If you have a message you would like sent out, contact

# Wow! I just did something new with Google and just got over 190,000 impressions in past 24 hours. Gonna start spreading my message THAT way!

# EVERYONE KNOWS ZD: Saw lady wearing hat w/L.A. City logo. I said, "You're wearing the symbol of corruption." She said, "Oh, Hi Zuma Dogg!"

# Sorry I'm not on same side of CD2 election as some friends, but I gotta go w City Hall clique versus Fuentes/Padilla/Cardenas/Alarcon crew.

# ZD, always OUTRAGEOUSLY WRONG, until proven right: Guess what radio station company told ZD, "RAP WILL NEVER BE PLAYED ON RADIO." POWER106!

# Who do you think Assemblyman Paul Kreokrian is more closely tied to? Villaraiogsa/Wendy Greuel -- or Fueuntes/Cardenas/Alarcaon/Padilla?

# BREAKING NEWS: Zuma Dogg Delivers EXPLOSIVE Public Comment to Los Angeles City Council Over 1st Amendment FEDERAL La...

# FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN: In campaign video for CA State Assemblyman jumping seats to run for council, it says, "Vote for change." LOL!

# I really didn't want to get dragged into the CD2 City Council election, but people seem to be SUCKERED by Krekorian so it's dragging me in.

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