Saturday, November 21, 2009

NEW: Help Elect Your Next Los Angeles City Council Member with

This could be a nice community tool to help organize the grass-roots community to help defeat California State Assemblyman Paul Krekorian (Burbank), who is running for the Valley's City Council seat that is up for grabs on December 8, 2009. Many in the community are fearful that this career, seat-jumping "same old" California Assemblyman is using campaign tricks like ballot canvasing and making empty promises to desperate and naive targets who believe what an ASSemblyman says during a campaign.

Political Action LA sees it as a BIG sign when you have groups (that were going to stay out of the election and not take sides) like the Police Protective Leauge and many other groups who are pouring BIG last minute money into this campaign in support of Christine Essel to defeat Krekorian. Many of us feel Krekorian taking the seat would be a tremendous threat to the public safety and general services in the district. Maybe that's why the City Attorney just endorsed Essel (although he was going to stay out of it), and why the PPL (Police Protective League) felt compelled to jump in.

PEOPLE ARE SCARED...not that he may win...but what will happen if he DOES win. PLEASE join in helping to defeat Paul Krekorian, by helping to elect Christine Essel. SIMPLY TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO GO TO THE POLLS ON DECEMBER 8th in VALLEY'S CD AND ELECT CHRISTINE ESSEL. (Because some of us feel the WORST, most disastrous thing that can happen, is to let the "same old" state-bankrupting, seat-jumping, gift-taking, Karen Basskissing, State ASSemblyman who is only using this position as a seat-warmer until the big gig opens up.

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