Monday, November 23, 2009

UPDATE: Medical Marijuana Ordinance (Regulations) on L.A. City Council Agenda Tuesday (DETAILS, including links to items and amendments)

[I guess Brown, Cooley & Nuch haven't thought about this one. Medical Marijuana doctors recruiting people on the Venice Boardwalk right next to the ice cream cone shop. DUH?!?]

Here's a press release from about L.A. City Medical Marijuana on the City Council agenda on Tuesday November 24th:

From: Degé Coutee
Education & Advocacy Director
Patient Advocacy Network

Greetings -

LA's draft medical marijuana dispensary ordinance will be heard at City Hall again this Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 10 a.m. Here is the link to the agenda (See Item #10)-

While it is likely that more votes will occur on the amendments, it is unlikely that the entire ordinance will be complete this week. Council still needs to set up a fee schedule and determine what city departments will be involved in the application, permitting and enforcement process. However, anything is possible; we should be prepared.

Here are all of the amending motions to the draft ordinance regulating that were presented in Council on Wednesday -

Your involvement and support is needed. Please make arrangements to be at City Hall on Tuesday. Review the amending motions and let the Council know your concerns by speaking at the upcoming meeting or emailing your council member directly.

You can find out who your council representative is by visiting Scroll down to 'My Neighborhood' and type in your street address. Each council member has a website and contact page. In addition to contacting your council representative, you should also cc: his/her planning/legislative deputy.

We are closer than ever to having regulations in LA! How exciting!!

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday.


Degé Coutee
Education & Advocacy Director
Patient Advocacy Network
(323) 334-5282

ZUMA DOGG would like to note for the record that it is the DOCTORS who are recruiting and over-writing prescriptions for anyone and everyone who walks in the door. Brown, Cooley, Trutanich and others are kinda being lazy and with blinders on for trying to close down the co-ops while the demand is continuing to be cranked out by these doctors. I HAVE BROUGHT THIS UP TO NUCH & OTHERS OVER AND OVER. But I guess it's just more fun to huff and puff over the effect instead of the cause. I wonder if they actually "get it" or are actually still misguided?

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