Monday, November 9, 2009

VIDEO: L.A. County Sheriff Detains (Dangerous) Blogger Taking Pictures of New MTA Station (This Is Not Staged Comedy!)

What an embarrassment for the L.A. Sheriff's Department as this "Barney Fyfe" gets to be a big shot. Maybe the blogger just wanted to take some shots of what taxpayers paid for (and maybe some nice publicity) on a new MTA station that opened. Let the comedy ensue...this guy actually turns into a bufoon of a conspiratorial and nutty clown while on the job. Enjoy this, but again...there IS no FREEDOM unless you KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. Barney Fyfe needs to sit down and figure it all out in his wacky mind. I think he is simply suffering from sleep deprivation from too much overtime. He sounds as out of his mind as ZD does. This guy should be able to WALTZ into HUD Section 8 housing. I mean the sheriff (Barney Fyfe), not the guy with the camera.

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