Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Zuma Dogg Twitter Rants For 11.4.09

I don't know what set me off on Uber-pussy Fabian Nunez today. I think it was something I heard about expensive wine and cheese and it reminded me of him. (Just wanted to clarify, he's not in the news over anything. But Zuma Dogg didn't forget what a no-heart, bitch that little coward Fabian Nunez turned out to be.

Beyond that...been too toast to post. Might do a radio show later. A lot to cover and discuss. Will probably do a real update thread later today.


# You must understand: Just cause Villalobos was given $53 miilion of CalPERS $$$ as middle-man, he had a lot of people to pay off for access.

# You must understand: Just because Villalobos was given $53 miilion of CalPERS money as middle-man, he had a lot of people to pay off.

# I wonder what CalPERS placement agent Villalobos was giving back to CalPERS board in exchange for unprecedented leverage/Shot calling.

# Did anyone see the story about Villabobos getting $35 million in CalPERS pension money? THAT is why State/City is in BIG trouble. PENSIONS!

# The city is not in big trouble because of $1.2 million in council salaries (the amount they want to cut). It's because of PENSION MONEY!19 minutes ago from web

# I know some nutty activists want to go after $1.2 million in Council salaries, but I think I am going to focus on BILLIONS in PENSION money.

# Michael Bloomberg spent $100 million in the NYC mayoral election and barely won? What a LOSER! I could have won for only $95 million. "L"

# To "Buy & Hold" stock investors: GOLD is at record $1090 now. What message do you think that sends? I'd be NERVOUS AS HELL. WATCH CLOSELY!

# Isn't it ironic how Fabian Nunez walks around like self-entitled pretty boy, trying to exude an air of class, but he lives in shame forever?

# You can buy all the Gucci purses, expensive wine and travel the world staying in fancy hotels, but that doesn't buy you class, Fabian Nunez.

# Tell me when you think of disgraced, no-heart, weak, laughable, low-class, cowardly, clowns that you don't think of pretty-boy Fabian Nunez?

# I think if Kurt Cobain HADN'T pulled the trigger yet, after seeing MTV's "The Hills, After Show" tonight, he would have anyway. New MTV low.

# OMG: I didn't know Mayor Bloomberg extended his OWN term with WITHOUT a vote of the people! Maybe Antonio should try that! Can you imagine?

# Some people can tell ZD is REALLY down and out : Want people to know at least Bill Rosendahl has been a great guy as a friend reaching out.

# I took a 3 hr nap today and it made me optimistic that someday I may return to functionality and can be productive again. All About Sleep!

# I wish elected officials would read "Marketing Strategy" by Ries & Trout before they UNNECESSARILY destroy their PR image in the media.

# I'm sure Trutanich explains how he's really not a "bully/thug" in news, but the HEADLINE is what sticks: Nuch: No Apologies for Bully Label

# STRATEGY: When Trutanich responds to "bully/thug" accusations in media, he may FEEL it's helping, but it's only SOLIDIFYING negative image.

# Trutanich is GREAT at legal talk but LOUSY as his own PR spokesman. He needs to STOP speaking to media about his "bully/thug" image.

# HELP STOP GLOBAL WARMING: Ask Councilman Dennis Zine to keep his dumb mouth shut during council meetings to eliminate hot air emissions.

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