Saturday, November 28, 2009

Zuma Dogg Twitter Update for Saturday, November 28, 2009 (City Council Election Update & Monday Street Advisory)

# Zuma Dogg's LA Daily Blog ranks in Top 10 for State of California, again this week. Mayor Sam's blog drops out of Top 10 this week.

# Carmen Trutanich, Zuma Dogg, Police Protective Leauge, Bill Rosendahl & Dennis Zine endorse Christine Essel. Richard Alarcon endorses Paul Krekorian. Don't vote for Alarcon's choice.

# I assumed Abbey Diamond from Sunland-Tujunga was endorsing Paul Krekorian cause Joe B and some others she is friends with were. Surprisingly, Abbey is with Zuma Dogg, Trutanich, Zine and Rosendahl in NOT endorsing Krekorian, either.

# CD 2 ELECTION FRAUD ALERT: If someone knocks on your door claiming to have paper work to cast your vote for Essel by mail, IT IS A FRAUD.

# PAUL KREKORIAN FLIPS OUT IN CLERK'S OFFICE: ZD just spoke with a person who witnessed Krekorian's swearing & yelling incident @ Clerks office.

# CD 2 FRAUD ALERT: Beware people knocking on doors saying, "I'm an Essel supporter. Fill out this form and your vote will be cast for Essel."

# Here's a reason Krekorian-supporting suckers are just that: But you believe what Assembly politician says during election:

# I know some suckers have it in for Essel, but now that it's obvious she's gonna win, is it smart to still bash her? Sun-Tzu says, "No."

I don't understand: Since Essel is clearly going to be next CD2 Councilmember, why are the "last bastions" slamming her so hard? Not smart.

# Zuma Dogg's Wall Street Advice To LACERS (Pension Money) Stock Investors For Monday (Got With The "Dog")

# Clearly the Dow should be below 8000 now, but Obama kept it propped up by printing stimulus money. How long can it last.? We'll see Monday.

# WALL STREET FUTURE: What we will see in next week, month and year is whether Obama/FEDS can keep market propped up w//more Stimulus money.

# City Hall at Night (Photo by ZD):

# Next Week: Cash In Now Or Wait For A Santa Rally? -

# Good Zuma Radio Show (Thanksgiving Pt 2) - City Council Budget DOOMSDAY TALK Hits Council Meeting:

# RT @CNBCtopStories: US Casino Stocks Hit Hard by Dubai World Default Worries

# Here's Mayor Villaraigosa's public itinerary for four days in Mexico, starting today:

# RT @nytimes: Dubai Debt Woes Raise Fear of Wider Problem

# "The Downgrading of Los Angeles" Make Reuters News..(Merely Re-caps Zuma Dogg Public Comments Over Past Two Years).

# L.A.'s Problems makes REUTERS News: Los Angeles' budget gaps may force dramatic change U.S. (LOSer ANGELES)

NEW: Zuma's Wall Street Watch List
link at,

You can call me to find out how you can monitor the market with this list.

MONDAY STOCK PICKS: If you feel world markets will be DOWN on Monday over Dubai credit and other concerns, these stocks short the world markets. (They go UP when markets go DOWN.) NOTE: The overseas markets were down sharply on Friday, some down over 8%, so we have to wait until Sunday Night when the overseas markets open to see if it is MORE selling-off over fears, or if it all shook out of Friday. SO THIS IS THE LIST TO BE READY IF BAD NEW HITS. (There are other similar stocks that are LONG on the market (go UP) when the market goes UP, but I don't think it's time to bet on an UP market on Monday.)

SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE: Measures are being taken to prevent a crash on Sunday Night/Monday morning:
(Sunday) DUBAI -- The United Arab Emirates central bank said Sunday it is offering an additional liquidity facility to local and international banks in the U.A.E and stressed that it "stands behind" the lenders. [So again, we will find out the effect this has when overseas open tonight, which will indicate what to expect on Wall Street on Monday morning.]

MONDAY 12 MIDNIGHT UPDATE - 11/30/09: Long term, I like the SHORT ETF's, but don't just jump in on Monday morning, yet...based on this post, because a lot of news has come out over the's not a day trade "no brainer" right now. You would have to be online and ready for a "pre-market hours" trade, anyway.

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