Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Zuma Dogg Twitter Update for Wed 11.18.09

I'm so burnt from today since I was up around 4:30am-5:00am, for the most part and had a long day at the council meeting today, which was a lot of fun with only a few annoying moments.
Again, nice to see a lot of people, and whatnot, but I can't really focus to type much up, but that's why Twitter is a good format for this...PLUS - PLUS - PLUS...I like the medium of BlogTalkRadio (ZumaShow) to do radio versions of what this post would be anyway. So listen to the new show posted on this blog and at And bookmark now, because someone told me they were having problems with LA Daily Blog URL for some reason. Check out the BlogTalkRadio show and here are some Tweets that the show is based on.

# ZUMA DOGG back in Venice after a frustrating, as usual, but FUN day at City Hall, today. A LOT to catch up with. New Zuma Radio Show posted.

# The reason you know Chris Essel will be next Councilmember of CD2 is because the same loser Mayor Sam wackos are supporting Krekorian.

# Higby & Krekorian Suckers feel a memo where Mayor thanks Essel for support in 2000 is big deal. HIGBY SUPPORTED VILLAR IN 2005 FOR MAYOR, TOO. LOL!

# New ZumaShow (BlogTalkRadio Show) posted at, along with all Twitter updates.

# I think the MOST media I have ever seen at City Hall was today for the Medical Marijuana issue.

# BREAKING NEWS: Look for council to pass law banning LAPD from enforcing Cooley's Marijuana law. LAPD will only be used to enforce city law.

# STILL LOVE YA, BRO: Zuma Dogg was a little hard on @ericgarcetti today at public comment in my 1st Amendment exercise. But nothing personal.

# BEWARE KREKORIAN ENDORSER: Heard Benson asked both CD2 candidates for job in exchange for support. That's illegal.She's endorsing Krekorian.

# Was standing on street. SUV rolls up & waves ZD over. Was LAFDmember thanking me for my supportive words. They risk all. Thanks not needed.

# L.A. MEDIJUANA: ZD says Council will pass ordinance preventing LAPD from enforcing D.A. Cooley-law. Police will stick to enforcing city law.

ELECTION MESSAGE: I urge all concerned citizens in the area to please get the word out that PAUL KREKORIAN MUST BE DEFEATED IN CD2 on 12/8!

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