Saturday, November 21, 2009

Zuma Dogg's L.A. Daily Blog Top 3 In State of California This Week (TOP L.A. City Blog in Ranker of 100 Statewide Blogs!)

[Pictured: Look how HAPPY they are to see ZD!]

Weekly Influence Index -
Ranking of 100 news blogs for State of California
(Week of 11.21.09)

* Orange Juice (1)
* Calitics (2)
* L.A. Daily Blog (3)
* Mayor Sam's Sister City (4)
* The Rose Report (5)
* LA Observed (6)

Yes, the return of Zuma Dogg to City Hall and political blogging means the return of Zuma Dogg's LA Daily blog returning to the top of the L.A. blog pack, after a one week absence. For all the hoopla around Mayor Sam's crybaby-loser blog, ZD's LA Daily Blog STILL outranks it, even though they have multiple authors posting -- AND ALL THOSE NUTTY COMMENTS COUNT TOWARD THE RANKING. So looks like a small circle of people posting comments to themselves over there, while ZD focuses on the rest of the real world.

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