Sunday, November 22, 2009

Zuma Dogg's MASSIVE Monday Morning Twitter Update

[Pictured: Guess Jerry, Steve and Carmen aren't sharp enough to figure out the REAL problem, here. See Economic: "Law of Supply & Demand"]

# Good morning to Craig X Rubin. Karma's a BITCH, baby. You thought you had the last laugh, you little punk? Happy birthday, bitch!

# GOLD SKYROCKETING: $1065/oz, up $14. Thank you, thank you! You probably scoffed at ZD instead of listening. Sorry.

# Zuma Dogg's LA DAILY BLOG ranks #3 this week on BlogNetNews ranking of 100 CA news blogs. Mayor Sam not in Top 3 even though comments count.

# VIDEO: Zuma Dogg BLASTS Los Angeles City Council Over 1st Amendment FEDERAL Lawsuit:

# EMBEDDED AUDIO: Zuma Dogg BLASTS Council on 1st Amendment FEDERAL Lawsuit:

# ZUMA SHOW RADIO: Zuma Dogg Comedy Rant on CD2 City Council Election - PAUL KREKORIAN MUST BE REJECTED! (BlogTalkRadio)

# ZUMA DOGG on CD 2 City Council Candidate CHRISTINE ESSEL:

# GOLD continues to SKYROCKET...currently $1062, up $11 on overnight markets. Watch your stocks!

# RT @cnnbrk: Michael Jackson wins favorite male pop/rock artist. This is his 23rd AMA, a new record.

# RT @beckfordparents: NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman calls California "America's biggest failed state"

# RT @thehuffpost:
http://HUFFPO.ST/c8Y VIDEO: JLo FALLS at the AMA awards

# RT @latimes: Monday front page: L.A. City Council to debate how many is too many when it comes to pot dispensaries

# SPONSORED TWEET: Verizon Wireless commercial by Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

# MUSIC: CNN-style news bed for all future Michael Jackson stories: (Billie Jean, chamber orchestra version by ZD)

# REJECT KREKORIAN: If Paul Krekorian weasels his way onto L.A. City Council, I will be forced to leave the State out of public safety fears.

# AUDIO: ZD BLASTS the HELL out of LOSer ANGELES City Council over BULLSHIT "Code of Conduct' That Will Cost City $MILLIONS$

# ZUMA DOGG FEDERAL LAWSUIT SMALL UPDATE: The Federal judge ordered the transcripts from the case. SO THAT COUNCIL CAN SEE WHAT HE IS SAYING!

# NEW Zuma Dogg Radio Show (Zuma Show) - BlogTalkRadio: Zuma Dogg discusses the CD2 City Council election and more:

# HERE'S ONE FOR DEMING'S 14 POINTS: Was at grocery store. They have to have an employee at self-check out stand cause customers can't use it.

# Zuma Dogg's L.A. Daily Blog Top 3 In State of California This Week (TOP L.A. City Blog in Ranker of 100 Statewide B...

# AW YEAH: Zuma Dogg's Radio Role Model, Scott Shannon of Z-100 & PLJ/New York, the NEW voice of 95.5 KLOS. (Also the voice of Hannity Show.)

# For all the hoopla around Mayor Sam's blog, LA Daily Blog BEATS IT AGAIN THIS WEEK in BNN's ranking of 100 California news blogs.

#3 in CA!
# Shout-out to @leanblog. LeanBlog is a fan/disciple of Dr. W. Edwards Deming & 14 Points, too. ZD needs to do a radio show on 14 Points!

# Help elect the next Los Angeles City Councilmember, this Dec 8th!

# There has NEVER been a City Council election where BOTH candidates make me physically nauseous. ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to pick the lesser of 2..

# Zuma Dogg's FAVORITE website in the world. (It would HAVE to be)...

# @garybryan Oh man, you're HOT tonight! What happened? Political corruption get you down when you look around? LOVE IT! (Secaucus Alumnist)

# RT @garybryanshow: Get ready to live on 35% of what you earn!

# RT @garybryanshow: How to close budget gap: Let's take all of Oprah's money! Or how about 90% of it? She can live on $270 million, right!??

# ZD would have paid $351K!: Michael Jackson moonwalk glove sells for $350K in NYC auction

# RT @garybryanshow: The only way to limit politicians' abuse of power is to limit the power of the government. Did founders have this right?

# Is this how the $ is spent?: RT @LAsBEST: Has anyone seen the LA's BEST logo in Times Square on W Hotel jumbotron? Running every 4 hours!

# Now that @villaraigosa is termed-out/not running for Govnr & not able to make $ for unions & cronies HE'S DONE! A mere civil servant, now!

# Now that @villaraigosa is termed-out & NOT running for Govnr, I'm A LOT more comfortable with him. In this budget & economy, he's neutered.

# ZUMA DOGG LOVES THE MAYOR, NOW!: Now that @villaraigosa is termed-out & NOT running for Gov, I LOVE HIM! His power & corruption is deflated.

# NEW: Help Elect Your Next Los Angeles City Council Member with

# CHRISTINE ESSEL FOR CD2 CITY COUNCIL: Elect an outside, business woman who is NOT a career politician leaving recently elected office.

# ZD Reader Mail: "Zuma Dogg, You're Frickin' Brilliant." (ZD Wins Over Another L.A. City Constituent The Hard Way)

# VALLEY CITY COUNCIL ELECTION - DEC 8th: Help elect your next L.A. City Councilmember.

# KREKORIAN STIFFS SUNLAND-TUJUNGA: Krekorian was a "no show" at an annual S-T event where he was scheduled to present award. Essel was there.

# GOLD hitting record high of $1150 on Friday confirms it: I AM A PROPHETIC GENIUS and OBVIOUSLY my knowledge is channeled from higher power.

# I wish more friends would have listened to my advice on GOLD vs Stocks. Look at the prophet-like accuracy of my predictions over past 2 yrs!

# Remember when Zuma Dogg said it was time for GOLD in Oct in $900 range? Welp, now it's at a record high $1150. People told me GOLD peaked.

# LA Daily Blog Reader Mail: "Zuma Dogg, You're Frickin' Brilliant." (ZD Wins Over Another L.A. City Constituent The ...

# ZD can now make robo-calls @ 100 per hour. Can INCREASE to 1000. If you have a message you would like sent out, contact

# Wow! I just did something new with Google and just got over 190,000 impressions in past 24 hours. Gonna start spreading my message THAT way!

# EVERYONE KNOWS ZD: Saw lady wearing hat w/L.A. City logo. I said, "You're wearing the symbol of corruption." She said, "Oh, Hi Zuma Dogg!"

# Sorry I'm not on same side of CD2 election as some friends, but I gotta go w City Hall clique versus Fuentes/Padilla/Cardenas/Alarcon crew.

# ZD, always OUTRAGEOUSLY WRONG, until proven right: Guess what radio station company told ZD, "RAP WILL NEVER BE PLAYED ON RADIO." POWER106!

# Who do you think Assemblyman Paul Kreokrian is more closely tied to? Villaraiogsa/Wendy Greuel -- or Fueuntes/Cardenas/Alarcaon/Padilla?

# FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN: In campaign video for CA State Assemblyman jumping seats to run for council, it says, "Vote for change." LOL!

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