Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Zuma Show (Radio Show) on L.A. City News (Medical Marijuana) & NEW MUSIC by Zuma Dogg

Here's my favorite BlogTalkRadio (ZumaShow) so far, from yesterday. Catch up on this half hour show of news headlines, Zuma ranting and original music including Zuma Dogg playing "Billie Jean" (Serious CNN-style news theme) in celebration of AEG "kicking in" to cover M. Jackson memorial expenses. ALSO, news headlines and breaking news update throughout the day on the "News Tweet" feed at ZumaShow.com.

  • Eric Garcetti looked like he had a LOOONG night. Maybe the EARLY council meeting was too much for him. He had SLEEPY-face. Poor little Eric.
  • There's nothing the good people of Sunland-Tujunga like more than a good political Smoke & Mirror show. They LOVE to fall for it EVERY TIME!
  • When Police Protective League (PPL) feels so compelled to endorse ESSEL for CD2 to PREVENT KREKORIAN...I THINK THAT SENDS A BIG MESSAGE!
  • I think the reason LAUSD member Tamar Galatzan is so worried about Medical Marijuana co-ops is because she doesn't have her facts straight.

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