Monday, November 16, 2009

Zuma's Monday Morning Update (11.16.09)

Medical Marijuana regulations are on the agenda today at 9:30am at L.A. City Hall. I can't wait, because it will open the city up for a MASSIVE lawsuit and I was contacted by someone who is inviting people to be listed as a "plaintiff."

Here is an excerpt from the email I received from the Medical Marijuana Patient's Union:

"It is abundantly clear to me that the City intends to pass the City Attorney’s 5th Ordinance at City Council on Wednesday Nov 18. So the Union sent the City a threat of lawsuit on Friday which included our review of Trutanich’s caselaw that I have included below, which forms some of the basis for our legal argument. At the end of our review, we describe the consequences of implementing the City Attorney’s ordinance, comments which you can use at tomorrow’s hearing if you wish."

(If you would like a copy of this 27 page analysis, send me an email and I will forward it to you:)

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Some topics include how Carmen Trutanich is already TOAST in this town and will NEVER, ever, ever be re-elected (See one-way ticket back to "Palookaville.") PLUS, the city will LOSE BIG on the lawsuit being filed against the shady and horrendous Medical Marijuana regulations they are going to pass today. ZD needs to get in on that lawsuit...if you read the bullshit ordinance they are trying to pass, and you know anything about anything, you'll see how the city is about to blow it again. See ya Nuch...the REAL "Terminator." He "Terminates" all his support for people who formerly were proud to say they supported him, now it's something you are better off keeping to yourself. And if anyone wants the domain name, holla at ya boy with your best offer.

ZumaTweets - 11.16.09 (Part 1)

1. PLAINTIFFS NEEDED FOR LAWSUIT AGAINST L.A.'s Medical Marijuana ordinance the SECOND they pass it today. It's a SLAM DUNK! City wrong again! 9 minutes ago from HootSuite

2. ZUMA DOGG TAKING YOUR BETS: I say Carmen Trutanich is TOAST in this town and will NEVER be re-elected. Who wants to bet me that he will? 14 minutes ago from HootSuite

3. Q: How do you know if Carmen Trutanich is full of shit on any given topic? A: If he is talking. We need clowns in the circus, not city hall. 18 minutes ago from HootSuite

4. I think Carmen Trutanich is going to be finding the people of L.A. are going to send him on a one-one train to PALOOKAVILLE! 20 minutes ago from HootSuite

5. I wonder if Carmen Trutanich's endorsement of Chris Essel helps or hurts her CD 2 campaign at this point? I know HE'LL never be re-elected. 44 minutes ago from HootSuite

6. Michael HIgby's Mayor Sam Political Blog has gone to complete CRAP and has NO value now that they are CLEARLY picking and choosing comments. about 1 hour ago from HootSuite

7. Good Morning America. Let the nightmare begin! about 1 hour ago from HootSuite

8. If you knew GOLD was going to a record high $1130 today when it was $900 would you have invested?Sorry to those who didn't when I told them. about 6 hours ago from HootSuite

9. Who are you going to vote for in the next L.A. Mayor election? Greuesom Greuel, Garshady or Jan Perry? They are all 3 already campaigning. about 6 hours ago from HootSuite

10. ZD Music Demo (11.15.09) - This keyboard music demo is posted for my homies to hear that I want to record this with... about 7 hours ago from HootSuite

11. Some people have said I know more about the inner workings of the City of L.A. than almost anyone else. Guess there's no value in that. about 7 hours ago from HootSuite

12. Zuma Limbo?: Look at 2:51 of this video of ZD performing Man in Mirror. My head almost hits sidewalk??? How did I do this? about 7 hours ago from HootSuite

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