Friday, December 11, 2009

MEDIA PAGE: Dum Don Knabe TANKS on John & Ken -- and VIDEO, Zuma Dogg PUBLIC COMMENT at Council Meeting (12.11.09)

  • VIDEO: Zuma Dogg GENERAL Public Comment: (When I thank, "Richard,"not ALARCON, but another public speaker.
  • VIDEO: Zuma Dogg BLASTS City Council over Villaraigosa's Planning Commish. Always a chance to discuss a few things!
  • VIDEO: Zuma BLASTS Grieg Smith for saying DWP rate payers get a reeeeeal deal! Zip it, Smith. No one cares what you say.
  • John & Ken grill Stupidvisor Don Knabe on $707,000 for Mark Shitley-Thomas's office renovation. A KNABE PR NIGHTMARE.
  • Good to see CityWatch's Jack Humphreville at City Council meeting today, addressing the PENSION ISSUE! He's no wacko. Thanks for addressing.
  • Trutanich told to put up or shut up on Jackson memorial costs: The Los Angeles City Council on Frida...
  • For argument sake, even if "a-hole" was illegal to say at council meeting, a 30 meeting ban is ILLEGAL. Public record requests to be filed.
  • Matt Dowd: Banned today for 30 meetings for saying. "He's (FED JUDGE) gonna tear you a new assh*le." Garcetti says, "Sexual reference." NOT!
  • Although possibly offensive, the term, "he's gonna tear you an new a-hole," is not SEXUAL reference and you can say, "a-hole" on cable TV.
  • If someone says, "He's gonna tear you a new a-hole," do you consider that a sexual reference? Eric Garcetti does. A FEDERAL JUDGE WILL NOT.
  • OBSESSED? Grieg Smith CAN'T shut up after public comment speakers. HE MUST violate Brown Act w over 50 word crybaby reply.ZIP IT, SMITH!
  • GRIEG SMITH, KEEP TRAP SHUT! : Spineless, non-leader BUTTS IN w over 50 words after public comment, so ZD humiliated him again on LIVE TV.
  • Zuma Dogg - LA Daily Blog "Week In Review" (All the Los Angeles News You Need To Know In This Time of Municipal Cri...
  • MEDICAL MARIJUANA ALERT: How YOU Can Get Involved To Help Pressure Council Into Getting Their DUMB ACT Together
  • Zuma Dogg Coming to KPFK 90.7 FM, This Tuesday @ 11 PM - ZD got this email last night from Chris Voltaire, who has ...
  • Zuma Music Radio 9 - Mellow Early Morning Mix & LA Daily Blog TWITTER Updates (L.A. City News) for 12.11.09
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