Friday, December 4, 2009

Zuma Dogg Hears CalPERS & Fire Pension Part of SEC Investigation Into Elliot Broidy - Is Jerry Brown Going To Indict In Time For Governor Campaign?

  • @ZumaDogg now predicts that AG Jerry Brown will serve L.A. City Pension indictments. And like Cuomo's, just in time to run for CA Governor!
  • PENSION GATE COMING TO L.A. CITY HALL?: @zumadogg say, "YES!" Broidy's relation w/CalPERS & Fire Pension part of SEC subpoena. Jerry Brown!
  • NOT JUST CUOMO: SEC also after Elliot Broidy. He was stalling handing over paperwork since April. More demanding letters sent over summer.
  • PENSIONGATE DETAILS: Zuma Dogg has learned that CalPERS & Fire Pension was part of Broidy subpeona in April. Could be BIGGER investigation!
  • TO KREKORIAN SUPPORTERS: When libraries, parks, fire, DOT, schools and all else is cut in BUDGET crisis, you can stand in open space w/Paul.
  • When I listen to reasons people are supporting Krekorian, I don't hear ANYTHING about the Budget. BUDGET IS #1 ISSUE PUTTING ALL AT RISK!
  • I wish selfish CD2 activists would evaluate best interest for City AS A WHOLE, not just "NIMBY issue." If City fails, YOUR DISTRICT FAILS!
  • ZD's "Wall St Watch" NewsTweet Wire is updated at VOLITALE DAY FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS!
  • Council Meeting in Van Nuys today. Show up and give 'em hell over budget. Tell 'em to quit duplicate grandstand-talk and GET TO BUSINESS!
  • @Villaraiogsa, Will you GET REAL? You just got back from Mexico, and now you are Occidental College talking about climate change? Udumlosr!
  • @Villaraigosa, is this how you are spending time, today. "At Occidental talking with students abt climate change, the green economy."
  • Zuma Dogg Public Comment for 12.04.09: Budget, Pension & CD 2 Council Election Tuesday. Joel Wachs Endorses Chris Essel!
  • Zuma Dogg Twitter Update for Wed 12.03.09 (Trutanich, Essel, Krekorian, PensionGate & More)

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