Sunday, December 13, 2009

Zuma Dogg LA Daily Blog TWITTER Update for Sunday 12.13.09 (L.A. City Political Tweets by Zuma Dogg)

  • After speaking with city mngmt this week at City Hall, Zuma Dogg will be announcing #1 ISSUE CITY MUST FIX! NO, NOT CUTTING COUNCIL SALARY!
  • Don't know who Thomas Carter is but what makes him think people want 5 emails in one morning? HE REFUSES TO STOP EMAILING ME...F-OFF, DICK!
  • TIGER PR: Gillette/male targeting sponsors thinking twice about WOODS, now? WHY, he's bangin' every hot chick! What cologne is HE wearing?
  • Since Garshady is running for mayor, hope he let's ZD get his top international DEMING experts together for presentation. THEY WOULD DO IT!
  • The ONLY way I would support Garshady 4 .Mayor is if he committed to Deming's 14 points & watched ZD's presentation w international experts.
  • I guess if I supported Garshady for Mayor, I'd just say to myself, "A lot the the housing stuff I didn't like was cause of current mayor.
  • When I say I could support Garshady of all the city hall candidates, that's because I think the others are TOO DUMB to even run the ofiice.
  • If you say, "Gee, ZD, how can you support Garshady 4 Mayor if you have so many problems w him as gadfly. I DON'T BASE IT ON ONE ISSUE!
  • Garshady 4 Mayor!: Luckily, I haven't eaten so I can't puke. Looks like ZD, Phil J & MS bloggers feel it can ONLY be Eric among CM choices.
  • Do you REALLY THINK ALL those State Assmeblymbrs BACKED Krekorian for Council so he would stand up against them w/ NeighborCouncil members?
  • As in ANY election, you never REALLY know who would' be best CM. Even if anti-Essel, can't be HAPPY Nunez/DeLeon/Bass/A-CON/etc choice won?
  • KREKORIAN: With only a yr before next election - needs to campaign, already! Watch for some community bones thrown, but a couple of DOOZIES!
  • KINDA NUTTY: Some people are HAPPY Krekorian won CD2 seat. Maybe you can be glad the other person lost, but ASSEMBLY won, not grassroots?
  • L.A.'s ZUMA DOGG will be IN-STUDIO for Chris Voltaire's FIRST SHOW on KPFK 90.7 FM this TUESDAY @ 11pm. ZD's debut on FM! Sorry, city hall!
  • Thanks to State of California for keeping ZD's LA Daily Blog in the TOP 3, again this week, out of 100 CA news blogs in the STATE ranker!
  • You'd think for all their authors & comments (that count toward ranking) Mayor Sam blog could have cranked out a spot in Top 3. Sorry, NO!
  • Only 3 blogs could be in the Top 3 on BlogNetNews ranking of 100 CA news blogs. ZD's blog, and two others. Sorry Mayor Sam, NO ROOM FOR YOU!
  • Zuma Dogg's LADailyBlog Ranks Top 3, on BNN STATEWIDE ranker,again this week! Michael Shitby's Mayor Sam blog NOT in Top 3, again this week.
  • For all their big blowhard writers & all wacky comments that count toward rankings, ZD's blog STILL out ranked MayorSam, this week AGAIN!
  • Ya know, hate to admit it, but was thinking about it today; and I think I'm becoming cynical of L.A. City, County & State elected officials?
  • DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME NIGHTMARE: I thought it was 9pm, but thought my clock was broke when I saw it was only 5pm. OH NO!
  • If you want to know when you elected politicians KNOW they have a weak PR sell, they will wrap it around racism, religion, kids, pets, etc.
  • When politicians drag racism, holocaust, the kids, animals or whatever polarized issues into discussion, IT IS SHAMELESSNESS, NOT ACTIVISM!
  • CUT NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL FUNDING: I am TIRED of hearing NC money used for free toy and food giveaways. It's NOT Huizar's charity/PR fund.
  • The reason I 'm good at public speaker from the podium, able to explain complicated things in simple terms, is because of my NLP training.
  • NLP: I know there are a lot of NLP fans: If you'd like to see rare training materials and run through training, I'll work w you for $75/hr.

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