Monday, December 14, 2009

Zuma Dogg LA Daily Blog Twitter UPDATE for 12.14.09 (LA City Municipal DISASTER...Coming Soon To A Street Near You!)

  1. LA DAILY BLOG: Ranks "Top 3," again this week, on BlogNetNews 100 "Most Influential" California news blogs. That's 97 other LOSERS!
  2. With so many L.A. City workers leaving workforce & departments being closed; how does the city think they can do more w less w/out 14 Pts?
  3. Wonder how City of Los Angeles plans to operate in their "New Economic Era" (mass exodus of experienced workers) without DEMING's 14 Points?
  4. Since Mayor Sam blog is short on content (reduced to a "Hot Sheet") how about posting THESE stories? -
  5. ISSUE MORATORIUM: In '10, besides Medical Marijuana and City's housing policy -- ONLY ISSUE I WILL BE DISCUSSING IS 4 PENSION COMMISSIONERS!
  6. L.A.'s $ CRISIS LEADS TO 4 PENSION EXECS:Charter MUST be changed to prevent 4 people from running away with pension money/city's treasury!
  7. TOP ISSUE ACTIVISTS MUST CHANGE @ CITY HALL: 4 mayoral-appointed pension commissioners are able to hold BILLIONS in pension money HOSTAGE!
  8. @villaragiosa: Can you put "green talk" on hold for a day & clarify "loss of services?" Will LA be functioning in '10? World needs to know!
  9. @villaraigosa:: All you speak of are "green summits." What about, "Am working with city budget managers to try and salvage L.A.?" WAKE UP
  10. BAD MARKETING STRATEGY: I don't think anyone cares about the environment so much that they want "soy based foam seats" in their FORD cars.
  11. ZUMA DOGG MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT (12.14.09) - It all started about three years ago while researching Eli Broad/Related ...
  12. RT @villaraigosa: Headed to mtg w German Parlimentary Sec. of the Environment to talk clean, green tech. WHAT ABOUT BUDGET CRISIS, DUMMY?
  13. Former CA Senator Art Torres Gets Salary Boost from $75,000 to WHOPPING $225,000 While State Worker Salaries Being ...
  14. Los Angeles "Will See Service Impacts; Will Be A Challenge To Maintain Fiscal Responsibilty; Sustaining Police & Fi...
  15. NoHo Commons' FAIRFIELD RESIDENTIAL Files For Bankruptcy -- AND CALSTRS (Pension) "WIPED OUT" of Investment (Oh Wel...
  16. L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa would like to assure you he is working on major crisis city in ''10 and IS working toward a "greener L.A."
  17. IT'S OVER FOR LOS ANGELES AS U KNOW IT: Bottom has fallen out. A free fall into service closures & broken fire trucks that can't respond.
  18. GLOBAL ALERT: It should be noted that City of Los Angeles faces '10 budget crisis where, "meeting fiscal responsibility WILL BE CHALLENGE."
  19. L.A. City declares,: "We will see service impacts. There IS no other option. And this is just the beginning of what we face next year."

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