Saturday, December 19, 2009

Zuma Dogg TWITTER Update for 12.19.09 (SIX LAPD Cops Used To Settle Dispute Over ONE Venice Beach Vending Space...WHAT A WASTE OF PUBLIC SAFETY $$$)

  1. If You're in Venice/Santa Monica area today, ZD is between Ocean Front Boardwalk (beach) and Main St. (Chaya Venice/Starbucks). Just shout, "ZUUUUUUUMAAAAAAAAAA..." and I'll be there in a minute. (Or just call my cell when you arrive!)

  2. DEMING'S 14 PTS: This will be a fun year, cause L.A. will start with Deming "14 Point" talk, and ZD won't even HAVE to say, "Told U So."
  3. JEFF CARR: I'd be glad to teach you how to implement ACTUAL "Quality & Productivity." It's $225/hr. Sorry. Call someone cheaper if you want.
  4. 14 PTS: It's NICE for LAPD to say, "We're gonna make accounting department more efficient," in response to "audit." BY WHAT METHOD? WISHING?
  5. Deming's 14 Points: You can fire all the worst teachers and replace them. But until you FIX THE SYSTEM you'll produce EXACT SAME RESULTS!
  6. When LAUSD says they're going to fire the worst teachers, and expect improvement, I say, "By what method?" Must FIX BROKEN SYSTEM, FIRST!
  7. WAY TO SPEND RESOURCES!: SIX (6) LAPD and vehicles are investigating BIG CRIME @ Venice: Dispute over who gets to set up in vending space.
  8. STREET CRIME GETS A BREAK: Was just at Venice Beach where SIX (6) LAPD cops were trying to sort out who gets to set up in ONE vending space.
  9. If you don't think L.A. City needs Deming's 14 Points ASAP, look at audit of LAPD spending under Bratton. How are you gonna FIX the system?
  10. DEMING 14 PT ISSUE: LAUSD wants to drop weak teachers from the school system, but how will teachers be evaluated?
  11. Since council is on vacation Tues, maybe ZD will go to Stupidvisors meeting for public comment on the NEW vote re: MRT's new office remodel.
  12. ZD IRONY?: City found 1 small apt unit for ZD, and it is LITERALLY the last street on edge of city limits. If I spit, it lands in S. Monica!
  13. When I used to set up @ Venice boardwalk, I used to PARK further than my apt door is to boardwalk. Looks like return of ZD @ Venice Beach.
  14. @edpadgett Thanks for the "ZD Watch!" Tweeting this from my new apartment n Venice, right by Chaya Venice, Shiatzi's & Dagwoods. wi-fi, too!
  15. IT'S OFFICIAL: Not only am I in my new HACLA apartment/no longer homeless, but more importantly, FREE WI-FI beams into unit. 1st tweet!
  16. BREAKING NEWS: Homeless L.A. Activist, Zuma Dogg OFF THE STREETS and NO LONGER HOMELESS!
  17. ZUMA DOGG - "The Homeless Era" (2006-2009): Homeless L.A. advocate Zuma Dogg no longer homeless as he moves into Venice apartment via HACLA.
  18. NEXT TIME I POST A TWEET HERE, I'll either be happy recipient of keys to Venice apartment or in REALLY big trouble. Think it's gonna be O.K.
  19. HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS? After long process, today is FINAL approval meeting for Venice housing for ZD. Will either be happy or REALLY cranky.
  20. I'm glad all that money is being wasted on the Neighborhood Council system so a bunch of wannabees can feel more like they are Grieg Smtih!
  21. Do you know the difference had there never been Neighborhood Council? Nothing noticeable in L.A., except less money would've been wasted.
  22. In THIS L.A.City budget crisis there sure as HELL isn't going to be money to waste on the "wannabee playpen" Neighborhood Council system.
  23. Zuma Dogg TWITTER Updates For 12.17.09 (Zuma "Comedy Parody" Twitting of L.A. City Hall Officials) & "Rockin' Count...
  24. RT @LANow: Lawsuit over L.A. Zoo's elephants moves closer to trial
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