Monday, December 28, 2009

Zuma Dogg Twitter Update for Monday December 28, 2009

Could be because it's the holiday week between Christmas and New Years, or because my new apartment near the beach in Venice has finally gotten me out of the "round the clock" blogging rut that I have been stuck in, while stuck inside wi-fi coffee shops round the clock as a homeless constituent. Now that I have my hotel-like suite in the resort area of L.A., I can walk away from the computer (as I have this weekend) and walk around the city, without having to be tied to my computer at the coffee shop every second of the day. (Plus, I don't have wi-fi anymore in my apartment, so until I get internet in my apt, blogging may be lighter.) Sleeping in a bed for several hours at a time is a big help. And now I'm walking miles a day when I couldn't even walk half a block for the past few months. AND, being able to buy food at the grocery store (and 99cent store) and make it in my kitchenette area sure saves money and allows for better nutrition. I can't IMAGINE getting on the bus and heading downtown in the morning and killing the whole day at attending council meetings. We'll see. At first I thought, "Now I'll be well rested and can go to all the meetings under better conditions now." (With a new apartment with a bed to be able to sleep in at night.) But now, it might be a case of having mitigated my circumstances (over the Venice Beach issue that brought me to city hall and turned me into an activist) -- and simply getting back to life. (And maybe occasional trips to city hall, but not with "job like" regularity.) So we'll see. My major personal issue is trying to get my back, neck and spine back into some sort of order, cause I think some things are 180 degrees from where they should be. My body is so out of alignment, I personally think I could qualify for a handicap parking placard without it even being a bamboozle. BUT my spirits are great so don't want to besmirch the moment of triumphantness. So the story here today is that ZD has returned to feeling like a regular human being again, now that he has a kitchen area to prepare food, a bed to sleep in at night (and even take a nap, if needed) -- and the overall stress and pressure of having to keep the ball rolling on the street 24/7 as a homeless person is over. And now I'm just the regular sweet guy I used to be. (Or at least the guy I used to be.)

Here's some other things on my mind from the weekend. Aka: ZumaTweets

  2. I had enough of LOSER City Attorney MARK BROWN a LONG time ago. I think B Rosendahl & Council have had about enough of his loser ass, too.
  3. My cell phone charger is broke. If you left a message, haven't gotten it, yet. Will get new charger Monday afternoon. Send email if needed.
  4. SHE'S NUTS: For all her $, why does R Zellwegger go to the same dumb Starbucks over & over when Paparazzi is waiting. CAN'T SHE MAKE COFFEE?
  5. I've seen Rene Zellwegger @ Startbucks 3 times in 2 days. Paparazzi EVERY F-ING TIME! HOW MANY PICS OF HER AT STARBUCKS DO YOU NEED?
  6. I'm starting to think Parking Enforcement ticket writers are the most insightful/knowledgeable workers in L.A. Just got another REAL EARFUL!
  7. After seeing Rene Zellwegger this morning at Starbucks, I'm now a BIG FAN of whatever movies she's in. Drinks WAY too much coffee, though.
  8. ZD Caught In Rene Zellwegger Paparazzi Crossfire: She's ZD's neighbor. Just saw her @ Starbucks. Invited her over, but she has boyfriend.
  9. VENICE BEACH Holiday Week: If you're coming to Venice Beach and can't find free parking, you can park in Main & Rose lot =only $4/10 hrs!
  10. @systhink Thanks for catching the Deming 14 pts post! City of L.A. is on "life-support" and still poking in the dark "hoping" for best. Oops
  11. @systhink Thanks for catching the Deming 14 Pts post! City of L.A. is on "life-support" and are still poking in the dark "hoping" for best.
  12. Zuma Music Radio 23 - After Hours: (Sade,Clash, Beasties, Cure, Bob Marley, Morrisey, NWA, Run-DMC, Depeche, etc.
  13. @15Rose I passed by your place today for the first time. We're neighbors, now! ZD lives walking distance. I'll stop in soon to say, "hello."
  14. NEW SONG FROM SADE: Everyone LOVES one of ZD's ALL TIME FAVES, Sade, at least I think. New Song - "Soldier of Love"
  15. A FINE DAY @ VENICE BEACH: Lots of free parking by Rose & Pacific area near "Ocean Front Walk" entrance. A nice, upscale Venice experience.
  16. Zuma Music Radio 22 - Upbeat Hits -
  17. Zuma Music Radio 22 - Upbeat Hits

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