Thursday, December 17, 2009

Zuma Dogg TWITTER Updates For 12.17.09 (Zuma "Comedy Parody" Twitting of L.A. City Hall Officials) & "Rockin' Country" Music Radio Playlist "Most Clicked" Post for 12.17.09 (of 100 CA State News Blogs):

Today's Most Clicked

Zuma Dogg Year End Review; Jeff Carr, Chief of Staff for (L.A. Wrecking Ball) Antonio Villaraiogsa -- (The Dumb leading the Blind.)

L.A. Daily Blog

  • PROBLEM SOLVED: Since L.A. has to re-pay $21 to LAX (for shadiness) when almost broke, NO PROBLEM: just dip into the "EXTRA $21 MIL FUND!"
  • RT @Villaraiogsa "This holiday, as 1000's of people leave L.A. workforce, providing basic public safety challenges, remember to "GO GREEN!"
  • Do you realize what a MASSIVE problem it is, that L.A. City is THROWING AWAY all of it's "institutional knowledge" FOREVER via ERIP. Adios!
  • YEAR END REVIEW: "Tabloid of the Year": LA Weekly (You don't consider it a "news" paper, do you?)
  • RT @Villaraiogsa Since L.A. doesn't have money to operate and libraries will be CUT, just take your kids to Barnes & Noble and browse for free.
  • RT @Villaraiogsa Since L.A. doesn't have enough money to pay mechanics to keep fire trucks responsive, try not to light matches near brush.
  • RT@Villaraiogsa A reminder for 2010: Since L.A. will not have enough money to operate police response vehicles, please try to be extra good!
  • RT @EricGarcetti 2010 in Los Angeles is certain to become the worst year for any U.S. city in history. Sorry we lost city's money. Our bad!
  • RT @villaragiosa There are a lot of things to be thankful for this holiday season. Having money to operate the city in 2010 isn't one of them.
  • RT @josehuizar Please help Los Angeles City Council build emergency housing and shelter for the wave of homelessness about to hit streets.
  • Warm & Fuzzy Council Tweets!: RT @josehuizar: Great interview with KTLA's very funny hosts on Hollenbeck Skate Plaza! (Important city news!)
  • To the myriad of community members who have helped ZD, wishing a Councilmember would help out, too; BILL ROSENDAHL jumped in w/ compassion!
  • GOOD GUY OF THE DECADE AWARD: Even though he's a City Councilmember, gotta give the award to BILL ROSENDAHL for commitment to ZD's safety!
  • City of Los Angeles Has To Payback LAX $21 MILLION For Funneling Money...REPEAT...CITY IS SHORT ANOTHER TWENTY MILL...
  • City of Los Angeles Has To RETURN more than $21 MILLION DOLLARS to LAX Operators Over Money Funneling Shadiness! ( (cont)
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