Friday, December 11, 2009

Zuma Music Radio 9 - Mellow Early Morning Mix & LA Daily Blog TWITTER Updates (L.A. City News) for 12.11.09

Chill music for a rainy overnight and early morning mood. Hit "play all 50" button at the bottom left of this player and songs play continuously like poor man's XM/Sirius/iPod.

ZUMA DOGG COMING TO REAL RADIO AIRWAVES NEXT WEEK FOR A RARE FM DOSE OF A ZUMA DOGG RANT THAT WILL PUNISH CITY COUNCIL & THE MAYOR, NO DOUBT. (Pension money/city's future being gambled on Wall Street, Budget (beyond) crisis, Homelessness wave coming, Credit Downgrade, Loss of city workers means loss of city wide services, no medical marijuana action in site after all these years...OH's gonna be a blood bath! TUESDAY, Y'ALL!

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