Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can Someone Pick Me Up And Take Me To Dinner.

I am so hungry, it hurts. No cell phone to call anyone. Send an email or leave voice mail at 213-785-7272 and tell me when you can be at Main Street & Rose in Venice/Santa Monica area tonight. I gotta eat!


MAJOR: L.A.Shitty Council Pres Eric Garpussy says Council will put ALL OTHER BUSINESS ON HOLD Tues & Wed to focus on BUDGET ONLY. Other biz, Fri only. (CITY ALREADY SUFFERING. NOW THEY HAVE TO CRAM EVERYTHING INTO FRIDAY. LOL! HEY ERIC & GREIG SMITH...what was that about ZD not being right about EVERYTHING? Your spin NOW PROVEN TO BE BULLSHIT! ZD GOES DOWN IN HISTORY! ("L"=Garpussy!)

BREAKING NEWS: Today, L.A. City Council voted to push marijuana sales into city streets, residential neighborhoods & parks. Gangs celebrate!

TODAY is day REST of the City finds out what ZD knew and warned of TWO YEARS AGO! Loser media chose to cover story, too late. ZD=100% CORRECT, Sir!

Cranked out a good post on budget meeting & ZUMA DOGG CLOSED FOR NOW: No food, no cell phone charger means NO ZD. Missing out on too much.

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