Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Community Message Regarding SB 1818 (Your Participation Needed)

A message from Sandy Hubbard regarding SB 1818:

ZD, Can you post something that asks people to support CM Krekorian's 245 action on Tuesday?

Project: 11933 Magnolia, Valley Village

The 245 action mentioned in the link above needs the votes of 10 CMs in order to send the decision to approve this project back to Planning for rework. We'd very much like to have folks contact their Council Members expressing support of the action and/or go to City Council Tuesday--supporting the 245 action because of our desire to rework the LA density bonus ordinance "SB 1818."

The status of this particular project creates an invaluable opportunity for the City to have a new look at this ordinance, and make modifications that might create a more livable development environment with developers and residents alike.

Attached is the CEQA and Site Plan Review Appeal that was filed Thursday with Planning on this same project. The 245 action will allow the City to review the entire project, not just the CEQA and SPR aspects.

Thanks very much for anything you can do on such short notice; please let me know if you have any questions.

Sandy Hubbard

(Email for a PDF copy if document doesn't open. It's 175 pages.)

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